Steemit-Engineering Shirt : Final Names Announced | Making a better Engineering community.

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50% of the SBD rewards from this post will be donated to support the total cost in printing this Steemit-Engineering community Shirt.

Steemit Design.png
Design credits to @deveerei | @jassennessaj | @bearone

Hi Everyone!

With the goal of providing a healthy community of Steemians in Cebu, I'm pushing a #steemit-engineering shirt for Engineering Students | Engineers who are Steemit users all funded by Steemit. We foresee a better Engineering community if we Engineering Steemians, unite as one by having a true-quality Engineering uniform. With that, here are the final list of Engineering Steemians part of availing the shirt :

5th year ECE's5th year ME's4th year ECE's

Other Engr. users : @smaeunabs

Instructors/Professors : @rfece143, @jat1732, @engrcalma , @engrdrdarwin , Engr. Dave (Soon coming), & Engr. Mendez

A total of 34 Steemit-Engineering Shirts

In terms of breaking-down the expenses per shirt, approximately this will be the cost expenses in printing these shirts :

Raw ShirtEmbroidered Steemph.cebuSilk Screen Print
Php. 130.00 (via Shopee)Php. 25.00 - 30.00Php. 50.00 - 60.00

Approximate Cost

Rawshirt : Php. 130.00 x 34 = Php. 4,420.00

Embroidered Steemph.cebu Logo = Php. 1,020.00

Silk Screen Print = Php. 2,040.00

A total of Php. 7,480.00

That is approximately 157.47 SBD

All of the expenses were still Approximate

Working this out as quickly as possible, the exact figures will be published. Overall, these approximations will likely to happen as this are their standard rates upon asking. A little negotiation might change the price feed :).#

Will you be so kind enough in supporting our journey?

So far I have here 44.39 SBD's gathered from donations and collections from my pledged posts plus 50% Sbd reward from this post. If you could send us some support, these will be helpful to our dearest Engineering Steemians. We believe this will be beneficial to the Platform and to the community we have here. You can send it directly to me at @jassennessaj and will surely handle it out honestly. We hope to see exciting things and our community can offer to the Steemit Platform.

Cebu Steemit-Engineering

A photo of some of our Engineering Steemians in our University with @purepinay

We here in Cebu, more specifically in University of Cebu would like to harness and share our expertise in the Steemit Platform by showing these following things we can offer :

  • Engineering projects from their subjects

  • Thesis / Project design Ideas

  • Learning and Experiences in taking Engineering

  • Engineering/Science related topics

  • Proposals, and etc.

Thank you! :)

We hope for your support. Together lets make a better Steemit Community! :)

All the best,

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Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

Great work! That's a lot of new Steemians! Send them my way sa Discord if they need help and coaching.

Thanks Dev! :) I'll let them know about it :)

Hey! I know these two kulets!! Hope you both are doing well!


Thankyouuuu @jassennessaj!! As always, you never fail to initiate something to strengthen our camaraderie.
I've sent some SBD, it's not that much but I hope it can help. :D

Please follow me friend.
Upvote and reply my post

That was nice, keep it up. :)

That's a great initiative we will support you

Thanks for share This.

how i wish i am engineer so that i could have a t-shirt, just kidding. Keep it up, bro.

I miss you guys! ='(

can i apply as an engineer? for a free shirt ? 😁😬😬😬😬

You're already a Network Engineer. Lol

Keep on blogging this dude! I am more than happy to keep on up voting until you guys get those T-shirts together!