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in steemit •  2 years ago

Hello all,

It's @jasonmcz here, I've been really busy recently with my startup --; @zackcoburn and I have decided to open source our; a site for people to check steemit token prices on different exchanges. This site has been visited more than 100,000 times since we put it up few month ago.

Contributions and merge requests are all welcomed!


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Thank you for your work. I tried the link, but it wouldn't connect. I will check later. I just followed you, in case you have more good news. Please check my Blog out at: if you like what you see, please follow me as well. ~Cheers~

Hmmm seems like your upgrade crashed it or created a problem? It's gone but will look back. Great concept, thank you. -exp

nice topic. But I am learning steam

Really awesome of you.. Im an ardent user of the site.. I check it everyday! Really awesome tool you created.

I also noticed it was down yesterday so I guess you guys were busy with

I would never want it to go down again.. I wish I can code :(
Great job btw. Your rock

So you took the site down when you open sourced it?


The site is back up!

Your site is down? Why?