My child's milk teeth

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Hello, all of you, steemit, hopefully we can continue to work with sincerity.

Teeth are food chewing devices in the mouth, be it the mouth of a human or animal. Foods that enter the mouth before being sent to the intestine, are first destroyed as delicately as the teeth. Food that is sent into the stomach has gone through the processing stage in the mouth. The esophagus is quite small, so it is impossible to enter food without the process of chewing by teeth.

Teeth are divided into several types, according to their function. including:

  1. Molar teeth, this tooth functions to crush harder foods that break easily. position at the back, there are two positions, upper molars and lower molars.
  2. Canine teeth are located at the front of the mouth, the function is to cut food.

The post I shared this time about my child's fragile milk teeth one by one. The teeth of children generally break and get sick, because of the habit of eating sweet foods. Sweet taste is not good for teeth. My child's hobbies with snacks and sweet foods have an effect on his dental health.

The picture above is the teeth of my son who has just been dislodged, because it is no longer solid in the gum.

This is also milk teeth that are dislodged at different times. It was very labile, because of his snack patterns.

This is the empty space after his teeth have been dislodged, after being dry from the blood that just came out from where the tooth was dislodged.

Thus a short post about my child's milk teeth, hopefully useful for all of us.

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