Watching and waiting for the end

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Am I the only one seeing the sbd fall like a rock, can't be. Screenshot_2018-03-12-06-47-43.png
It has gotten to the point where even if i have nothing to do taking the time and energy to write a post thats meaningful or even interact with people is just not worth it. Yeah its still above 2 dollars but most of the upvotes are only a penny haha. I see hundreds of upvotes bringing the value of a post to a whopping 4 sbd, why bother trying to get that many people to follow you? Idk, it seems like its going downhill fast and im not enjoying the ride.
Crypto itself give the illusion of ups and downs but really the whole thing is taking a down trend. I think its decentralized for now but still victim to small sets of people playing the matket and its hurting more than helping.
My results, of course, reflect my efforts but my efforts are related to my results. The trend of the fall in value is equally related to the downward trend of my efforts so i take part of the blame but it could be better.
With dealing in small amounts there are more ppaces to loose money through fees than places to earn the crypto, meaning there are more fees being collected daily than earned. So tell me how thats not going to get worse? I mean if i could set up fees for things and force money into my wallet you better believe i would but im late to the game. "Use my exchange and pay my bills while you move your money around, no choice."
Idk maybe i just have a bad attitude about it all but ive gone broke and poverty is a burnt entree still frozen in the middle.
At least im able to earn Superior coin and it is rising in value. FB_IMG_1520624557981.jpg
I just hope the blockchain isnt being built up for someone to take over somehow

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Upvoted! Kryptonia username: @riyuwe

I just hope the blockchain isnt being built up for someone to take over somehow

True. Let's hope the blockchain will become something that serves the interest of the common people.

Today I discovered something called Wildspark. People seem to be earning by sharing content. I signed up barely a few hours ago.

Great post keep us updated with the sbd price. Thank you for sharing. from @jason21 of kryptonia.

I feel you on this. I have been increasing my SP but the value of my upvote is a quarter of what it was last December.
from Kryptonia with the same username

hopefully it will be better in the next few day or so, same username in kryptonia.