How good is that post really? - An idea to find and keep good writers on Steemit

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The pending payout, the one and basically only measure that shows how popular a post is, but does not say much about actually how high-quality it really is. When I first started reading through Steemit for my first couple weeks on the platform, I quickly realized the same accounts/writers were constantly showing up in the trending/pages. I thought, "wow, these people must be the best, most knowledgeable or entertaining writers on Steemit. Not too soon after I found that almost all these whales' posts hit the trending page consistently, regardless of what is actually in the post, due to their large amount of steem power/following. I am not saying that whales' posts are not high-quality posts for the most part but I believe that new users with amazing posts should have another way to get their work more recognized rather than hoping a whale finds and up votes them or needing to invest in steem/SBD. Of course investing is always an option but there needs to be another way for quality writers to be recognized so they stay on the platform and continue to make Steemit a better place.

One idea I had was to input an additional number to each post, a quality score, sort of like the reputation score on everyone's accounts. The reputation score currently doesn't tell someone much about someones accounts and definitely not much about the quality of their posts. I think Steemit could add this quality score onto every post, that took into account how much steem power a person has, their reputation, as well as how much up-votes/comments it is generating in comparison to that accounts' other posts. If someone who consistently get paid out hundreds of dollars a post puts out a post and it generates a pending payout of a thousand plus, and has a lot more likes than their normal posts, then it clearly is more valuable/higher-quality than their average posts. If someone that just started on Steemit has a post generate lots of up-votes and comments, it should be able to hit the hot/trending pages even though it does not compare with a typical whale's post. Additionally, length, format, pictures, etc. could be taken into account into the quality score as well. Steemit could then a tab in addition to the trending, new, hot tabs called high-quality or something to that extent. This idea or one similar may already exist but it is just an initial thought I have had since joining Steemit and thought I would share.


What do you guys think/do you have any ideas similar or related to this?


This is a great post... I do think there is a huge issue with whales getting their posts high above all the "minnows" even when their content isn't nearly as good sometimes.

"One idea I had was to input an additional number to each post, a quality score, sort of like the reputation score on everyone's accounts."

I really really really like this idea and haven't heard anyone else talk about it... A quality score on posts would be a godsend and I think if we can get more people talking about it, it could actually be implemented.

I'm trying to do my part by upvoting any high quality content I come accross and my readers are doing a great job sharing content with me for this purpose. If you find/author any high-quality posts, don't hesitate to get in touch with me via comment or tag and I'll upvote every time. I think this is a real issue with steem and we need to work on it for mass adoption to be practical. Thanks for sharing this!

Really appreciate it man, steemit needs more people like yourself that actually care about its future rather than only caring about maximizing their short term payouts. I will post in the near future a continuation of this post and be more specific on what I think could be implemented. All of this sounds great but actually getting ideas like this out there and finding out if it is actually feasible will not be easy. Also thanks for up-voting some other comments, it is unfortunate i can't reward people who engage on my posts since i have no steem power but i will hopefully build that up soon.

Very interesting. I am new to steemit so cannot add or comment with first-hand knowledge. However I will definitely be on the lookout for this and will come back to comment again...

Thanks! will continue this idea soon

What do you think about people posting their photos instead of writing much text. It's the way i prefer to express myself :) Should they move to places like shutterstock or stay here?

Your pictures look really good! I am not familiar with shutterstock but I hope you stay, people like you brighten steemit up! I think the quality score could work to score all types of posts. Clearly it is not realistic to make a program that scores how good pictures are but my main point was that a big factor of the score would be to score based on how a post does based on upvotes/comments relative to your other posts. if one of your posts gets double the upvotes than your others usually do, it is clearly a better quality post and should get some more exposure to a bigger audience.

From what I've read, this seems to a very informative post. The ideas conveyed here can be considered into the overall platform, at the same time a few tweaks may be needed.
As of now I would like to hear more of these in the upcoming post. Thank you.

personally, i feel there should be a way to assess quality post or else new quality writers will be discouraged and will move away. That's what steem9ja intends to do. UPVOTE, GATHER AND ENCOURAGE QUALITY WRITE UPS ON STEEMIT...Nice post bro....I hope steemit heeds to this advice. Steemians can also encourage quality as it will make steemit a more interesting place to be

I completely agree... I, myself strive to only post contents of good quality. The problem is I'm fairly new in this platform and I don't have a large following yet... It is frustrating sometimes but I try not to be disheartened... This is a great post... keep it coming...

Thanks man! Keep up your hard work and you will be rewarded, you could try using an upvote bot to potentially get your post more views

Do you have any recommendations, by any chance?

I don't want to sound sexist but people gather towards other people who look good be it male or female. And upvote based on their looks over content. There are plenty of people who write good content but attention economy works different. I think one youtuber female can get more vote and resteems than 1 good writer. That's how it works. And that is another reason why I don't hate bots. Bots are very much necessary to combat attention economy's biggest problem - looks vs content.

I could see that being a factor but i really don't think that plays as big a role on steemit than it does on other social media. At the extreme case we have instagram where girls grow their accounts by only posting sexy pictures of themselves. On steemit though we only really have a small profile picture and unless you post pictures of yourself, people aren't really gonna notice. You look like a good looking dude, keep on posting man!

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It's not easy finding quality posts to comment on (if you really intend to engage rather than spam). I do a lot of scrolling and back clicking in my search for something that's 1) original content and 2) actually saying something.

I hear ya man, gotta find those accounts that put out good content constantly and follow, i look more and more just at my feed as i follow more people

I don't think I'm at that point yet.

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Great post. You're right.

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