Why I think SELF UPVOTING Should Be Removed From Steemit!

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Well, I think Self Upvoting is something that is a really bad thing for the Steemit Community! Think about it, if a person has enough voting power, he/she could vote on their own posts and earn a hefty amount of Steem Power and SBD! Who wouldn't like free money? RIght! The early adopters here at Steemit are making use of this loophole to generate themselves a quite decent income.

STEEM was only worth around 10 cents around mid-2016, someone could have invested a 100$ and easily bagged about 1000 STEEM which could then be used to power up their Steemit account. A 100% vote using such an account could produce a noticeable amount of the Steem Currencies, which they could cash out!, which is a pure abuse of the system!

I have seen a lot of users doing so and as a well-wisher for the Steemit community, I thought that I should speak out my voice so that I could create more awareness! Steemit is really beautiful, the concept, the blockchain, the design etc are truly wonderful! In the real world, day by day, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer! does this community have to be the same as that? Don't we want change? Steemit is supposed to be a democracy, there are a hefty amount of miinows than Whales. If more and more people come across this issue and decide to act against it, we could stop a lot of reward pool being distributed to the unworthy. We could redistribute that to the deserving!

I have seen a lot of well structured and constructed posts go unnoticed here and I have seen shitty posts worth trash score hundreds of dollars because of the voting power! You can check this out yourself if you want, you could go to the trending section and see how many ofsuch people exist who vote on their own content to generate income.

There are a lot of benefits to Steemit by disabling self-upvote system, the major one is the rightful distribution of the reward pool! There are a lot of scammers here, one could power up a Steemit account and vote using that account on another account of their own, scamming the community, we are helpless to act out against such activities. But we do have to try, don't we? The least we could do is to make awareness and request the Dev Team to remove this feature so that at least some of these kinds of activities could be reduced.

Voting on own article is pure abuse! This has to stop! If someone could keep on self-voting to generate tons of money, he/she wouldn't give a crap about the community, hence devaluing the community! If we were to disable self upvoting, maybe some of these so called whales and dolphins would finally start to vote on posts that are really deserving!

What do you guys think? I need full support from you guys! Let's start a petition to the Dev team! Let us minnows unite, lets fight these giants! I know a single user like me don't stand a chance, but I defenitely belive that a thousand of us united can make a change!

It would be amazing if you guys could spread this message through the community as it would be doing the community itself a big favor! I have never asked anybody exclusively in any of my posts to resteem any of my articles, but I do now, because I believe this is an issue that needs to be resolved for the welfare of the community and it should be done as fast as possible.

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up vote, resteem and publish on the @curie project, to thank you for your excellent work.

Thank you @lartist-zen!
Keep in touch .
once again congrats on hitting 1000 followers!
Steem ON!

I have taken the decision to not vote on my own posts any more. I did it when I got a lot less votes from others, but now I want my voting power to help others. Banning it might not fix the problem. It's easy to delegate to another account and have that vote for you. I don't mind minnows boosting themselves, but I don't think bigger accounts should do it if they get lots of votes anyway. There are rules to check how people vote and I see some of the trending people vote almost entirely for themselves. A certain crypto analyst has 85% self votes. He obviously doesn't care about the community. We have freedom here and we have to choose what we want Steemit to be

People those who upvote self are those who sees no value in the community! I often go through the trending and hot sections and most of the time I could see a self vote on the posts. Why would they do that? If it were Facebook, would these guys Like their post self? I don't think so, because that would diminish their value among their Facebook friend circle.
These people don't see the value of the community that we are trying to build here, most of them are here for money and such people are abusing the system!
I think that removing self upvoting ability would bring down most of such scammers who are draining the life force out of Steem.

As I said, it's hard to prevent people doing it indirectly. All we do is visible here, so people can be judged on their actions. You can use tools like this to check what they do