How to select your Steemit Follower Base - My Simple Thoughts!

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Hi guys! How are y'all? This is the second article that I'm posting to Steemit today. I have never uploaded two written articles a day on Steemit. I don't know how long this post is going to be because I have some thoughts that I would like to share with you, which I don't know the numbers of words that would be necessary to convey my idea clearly! It would be awesome if you read it till the end!

Source: google search - keyword - "steem family"

So I would like to express my thoughts on selecting followers on Steemit. Followers are just not the people who follow you, they could be your real friends through Steemit. Which means that instead of growing a huge follower base with less to no interaction, it would be better of selecting your Steemit Circle effectively.

What I do:

I really joined Steemit to be a part of its budding community, to make a circle of friends at Steemit who processes thoughts similar to that of mine. What I do is that I go out to the Introductory section where all the new guys are coming through. I read the complete introduction to the new members whomever I find interesting! There are some people that come here just to make some cash and do not give the community a damn! , these kinda guys could be identified mostly just by looking at his/her introduction post.

Most of the time I find some interesting people, ranging from artists to writers and to many other things! I start to try to make conversation with the person, and if he/she is willing to indulge in a conversation with me and never exclusively mentions "follow" anywhere in his/her text, I know that he/she is here for the community!. I would only follow or subscribe to people like that who cares about Steemit and not guys who are here just to do #f4f s and reduce the standard of this awesome family!

I am following some of the people I had connected with and with other people who are performing awesome here at Steemit. Most of the people I follow keep their promise to provide the community with amazing ideas!

So guys, the post was rather quick, wasn't it? Anyway, what do you think about my point of view. I am open to suggestions 🙂

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