This is what i think Steem going to be worth

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why not Steem more worthy than Facebook.
Remember Facebook don't make you any rich.


You're absolutely right @jackkang. This is a nice way to put it and we are sure heading in that direction. STEEM has a tremendous amount of potential and the party is just getting started :)

Facebook Became the Social Media Giant just by Providing a Decent way of Interaction. But, STEEMIT is Providing The Same Opportunity along with the Time Value of Money as ADDED BONUS !!! So, the Graph You have Drawn is little Small. You Should Draw a Chart Which can Touch the MOON and there will be STEEMIT. I am TOTALLY Agreed with YOU !!!

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Thank YOU !!!

Hopefully you are right!
There is definitely the potential in steemit!
Thanks for upvoting...

thx so much for your upvote and support in my first video
thx for sharing your influence
wish you good life

When steem finally works out the implementation of the smart token, steemit will take off with more configurations on other platforms.

Steem will be worth at least $10 in the near future
You need to post some more articles you have a lovely amount of Steem Power

Have a lovely time Steeming

I've been here onSteemit for about a month now nad I love it! With the money I got from my introduction post I bought myself a carpet. How cool is that? :)

more people need to know steemit

nice post @ackkang
greetings to you from steemit user from indonesia, Aceh.

You should post more often man!

You are so right steem is certainly worth our while.

Thank for sharing @jackkang
I like it

How long do you think it will take?

well lets hope it goes like that. i see your account has not posted for a while now. i hope you are okey.

Thanks jack for your vote on my post I appreciate it. I hope steem will go to the moon, this can make my dreams come true.. I just collected 500 SP with hard work, and I will continue do to more and more for the community.. followed you. THX

Hello, I'm Venezuelan. Good posting. You can give me your vote in my post. Greetings.

You are so right! I am pretty sick of nonsense stuffs around in facebook too.

Ha! :) Cryptic but I like it!

Dropped facebook completely and sent them a message to pay me to get back :)

lol EXACTLY! I'm getting many of my friends into steem...and it feels so good >:)

Also, THANK YOU for coming by and voting up my post in "art". I really appreciate it, and I am following you now! :)

I notice you take long breaks too ;-)

I suspect you are still finding ways to be entertained by Steemit, though.

Thank you for wandering past my blog. I appreciate it very much!

Steem is worth no doubt.

Interesting analysis

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