🤹 shortcut to Success 🏇

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to reach the peak 👇

be a friend of your self

Sometimes we don't have any friends. We are quite alone. In steem community we face these situations when we are beginners.


don't worry

In steem community ⬇️



1 = 5


1 = 50


1 = a lot more

you decide: 1 = what ?

In steem there are two main issues that determine your power of upvotes and earnings.

1- steem power

2- reputation (steem rank)

🔍 your reputation needs a lot of upvotes to grow.
🔍 also your steem power raises when you receive rewards.
🔍 to get rewards you need a lot of upvotes. But how?

⚘ it's easy, I will tell you

A- Make about 10 accounts in steemit.com
B- send a lot of comments to your other accounts
C- with your other accounts upvote your main account. and you can upvote other accounts with your main account

🤹 as you see, you are not alone. you are a friend of your self.
🖌 note: to make accounts you need a lot of phone numbers and separate emails. In next post I will tell you how to make free phone numbers and gmails.

most important 👇

A- share this post in your page (re-blog) and I will give you up to 20 upvotes, (depends on your followers).
B- follow @iraniran I will give you 10 upvotes.
C- upvote this post and get 5 upvotes
🏆if you did above (A, B or C), send me a comment.



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Hi ...
I am u r group member. I just upvote u.
upvote my new post

Upvoted! Followed! And SHARED!!!!!!


Hola te seguí y vote ,, ayudémonos