Need help to interduce Steemit in other languages!!!

in steemit •  3 years ago

Hello guys,

I'm trying to introduce steemit project to persians people, I start whit translating documents and information and post them on my blog @iran
I believe that people cloud know this platform and spend their time here to earn money instead of fucking around on FB or other platforms,
But it's not easy to show people how great is Steemit whit earn no money!
Actually, I've earned some SteemDollar and that could be a good prove, but I've lost my SteemDollars when I was converting it to SteemPower and in the meanwhile making a tutorial in farsi.

and it's very important to solve this problem, Because the first question that people ask is to prove that the system will pay. I wanted to explain how to convert the "steem dollars" to steem and make a guide in farsi, but this error made me down.
Is there any one who can help to solve the problem?

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