The Naughty Tagger's List for the Week Ending 4/28/18 -- Introduceyourself Tag Spammers Identified

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The list below identifies the authors who have "Introduced" themselves or products at least 10 times since the start of 2018 AND have posted again in this tag last week.

The information was obtained programmatically via SteemSQL;

It is possible that some of these authors have legitimate reasons for using the introduceyourself tag repeatedly, it is up to the community to decide that. Note: @markup was removed from this list.

This article (post) is also being tagged with the introduceyourself category. I believe it does belong under this tag, but let me know if you prefer not to have it posted there. I will certainly listen to the community on this subject.

The list below includes articles only (no comments or replies) and only includes authors who have new posts last week in the introduceyourself tag.

Tag spam can really make it hard to find articles you are truly interested in when authors intentionally post their content using tags that really do not apply to their article's content.

If you find this tag spam to be unacceptable behavior, then let the author know. A quick comment with your honest view point may be sufficient to make a real change. Letting them know they are on "The Naughty Taggers List" may be plenty useful.

I will be updating this list on a weekly basis.

It is possible the authors below have already made changes to their tags and habits and their newer posts may be more properly categorized, but the count is accurate one way or the other as to the number of articles in the "Introduceyourself" category as of the time the list was generated.


To help fight tag spam in the Introduceyourself tag, I have launched a tool called @IntroBot.

@introbot is an automated bot hosted and managed by @bycoleman to welcome new users, provide helpful links and information and most importantly to help insure they become a success and asset to the platform.

@introbot works in conjunction with other tools to help fight tag spamming and abuses, particularly associated with the introduceyourself tag. Click here to view the latest comments made by introbot.

The success of introbot continues to be dramatic.

If you would like to support Introbot, simply upvote any of the warnings or comments it has made or create your own reply directly to author and let them know how you feel.

Feedback is requested, good or bad. I'm working towards a great platform, but your concept of great might be different than mine, so I am very interested in your concept. Also, let me know if you would like to see more of these types of list.



Good luck here

I can appreciate this as it affects all of us on Steemit. I ran into a situation last week in which my bandwidth had ran out because I was delegating SP... If these spammers would stop it would free up more for the rest of us.

Thanks again for your work good day today

Well done on the good job.....more grace

Blessings to you as well.

I like the concept a lot! Keep it up and find a way to get more caustic with the comments after the first few infractions. Hmmm... how about a spam warning for each posting? Imagine @orianarosales getting 117 spam notices on the final posting.


I feel jealous due to have been here around 1 month but just right now recognize you @introbot and @bycoleman who applied science and money. I think I can't be as great as you.

Thank you and welcome again to Steemit!

Transparency, community, love and care about each other! We should care and help... and love... and care!

I have an amazing idea, @bycoleman. You should hear me out.
It will prove that you really care about the community. And people won't ever question what you do!

Since you don't care about money - you should not take any rewards from posts and close the payout! :)
Otherwise, it only proves that you're a hypocrate trying to earn from his bots, bullshitting everyone at the same time.

No matter what you say. It is the way it is. If you do it - then good job, I can only praise you for this.

If you won't do it - then I was right all along. And you only bullshit people with your lies. Please don't bullshit people. It's not a good thing to do.

Your work is apreciateable.

Goodluck here

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