I did a Steemit advertisement to try to bring more awareness to the platform. [Tell me what you think]

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I also started a channel on YouTube specifically for advertising Steemit; with the attempt to bring more people aboard and let more people know that it even exist. I've noticed, over the six years of being a part of Steemit that there is practically no advertising and exposure being produced to drive more people to the platform. Especially when it comes to professional production. This is my attempt to "kind of" be the change I want to see and potential get thousands of new users to join. I'm just going to take action and try; I hope through my efforts that some solid eyes with fall upon my content and inspire others to be a part of this futuristic concept of social media. I think that us early adopters are privilaged to be here, and one day Steemit will be noticed for its real potential by the masses.

Thank you to anyone that has ever took the time to support me, and my efforts. You have never went unnoticed. If all of us collectively spread the word in an intentional manner who knows how many new users would flock here, or how much the price of our beloved coin would go up.

Tell me what you think in the comments.


Heres a free vote on behalf of @se-witness.

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