Have any of you noticed the service I've been using here on Steemit?

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For the better part of a year now I have been delegating all of my Steem Power to the account @xiguang. The service provides you with either a 16% APR paid out daily or an upvote that varies depending on how much Steem Power you're delegating. @xiguang has been literally the best service I've came across over my almost seven years of being on Steemit. I would highly recommend using the service. @xiguang is doing the entire platform a service by having a service like this setup. I believe services like this could really help onboard a ton of new users solely just because of how lucrative it would be for anyone to protect their money and passively make a crazy APR passively with their money.

Are you using any services here on Steemit? If so, which ones are you using?

I feel as if so many people (especially newer users) probably have no idea that stuff like this even exist. We need to get some kind of feed or advertisement that broadcast to all Steemit users on what services are available. Is there already something that exists like this that I am just unaware of? And how has there not been some kind of collective that's sole purpose is to blast Steemit and all of the possibilities to the world? Is there a project already like this? We all know that the more people we can get involved on this platform the better. There really needs to be some kind of advertising campaign happening here. Especially giving how social media has evolved over the last few years. It wouldn't cost much to buy adds on a bunch of these media platforms. Like Tiktok, Facebook, X, etc.

Engage with me! We need to talk about this. Lol


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Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
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(Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

Thanks for mentioning this service.

I have been here almost 8 years and have seen that the accounts with large up or down votes have expressed their like or dislike for these kinds of services by giving their large up or down votes to the service's accounts and the accounts using the services. To me, from what I have seen, this type of service seems to go in and out of favor.

I don't have an opinion to express but I'll come back to see how others might reply.

We all know that the more people we can get involved on this platform the better.

I'm not too sure of this. For one thing, it depends on the kind of people who get involved and what their expectation is. If they are coming here only to sell every token they get as soon as they get it, then it might be good for them but not sure it would be better for the platform.

And if they come here only for the money, they have a very high chance of leaving after a short period of time in an unhappy state of mind. It is not a given that a person will surely make money here. There is a lot more to it. But there has sometimes been the idea out there, that this is a place to come to for some easy money. People with that idea who come here and don't make it often become vocal opponents.

Finally, I am not sure of the current state of this blockchain and its ability to support a lot more people. In it's current state, I'm not sure if there is a modern Resource Credits system here which limits chain usage when it reaches a high degree of capacity. I'm not saying that isn't here, I'm just saying I don't know.

And I'm not sure if there is an active core dev group here to provide the resources to accommodate a lot more people. Again, not saying there isn't, just saying I don't know.

I think a case can be made that simply sustaining the current level of people here can work out well now and in the future. A niche product can have a long lifetime with the same number of users. But I am open to other points of view and would be happy to hear them. :)

Thank you for the elaborate response @kenny-crane. I definitely see where you're coming from. I've definitely seen many debates over the many years of being on here. There has always been good arguments for both sides. But I honestly believe that this is a scenario of "hate the player not the game." Haha

I believe I am a great example of what is possible if done properly. I've managed to grow my Steem Power from around 35k to working on 64k now in around a years time. And all I've done is lock it down and I'm able to better help support and prop up the platform that I've grew to love.

And what I was meaning by onboarding a ton of new users; I believe mass adoption/attention to any project like this would just mean a bigger market cap, new money coming in, and potentially make it ever more volatile. Which in-turn would get more people financially invested period, causing it to be more sought after and more people willing to pump money in to day trade or swing trade.

See with the inflation of SP naturally, and with the 16% APR I'm currently getting from @xiguang I'm making just under a 19% APR. But if you compound it daily its an even higher APR because of the exponential growth.

As for the platform not being able to support more people; I also am pretty ignorant when it comes to those logistics. I would hope that at this point in time after how long Steemit has been around; that there has been a steady progression of developing for the potential of far more users.

I also wanted to point out something else to you. If you go to my wallet you will see a bunch of witnesses that you can vote for that do profit sharing with their voters that almost all payout daily. I think I noticed that you may have only vote for one that does that. I just tough that maybe it would benefit you more help your account grow a little more passively. If you know of any others please let me know.

Interesting to watch what develops in cryptoland. Thanks for the info on the witnesses. I appreciate hearing all your thoughts!

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