I finally hit 2,000 followers. It took forever, but thank you to each of you. CELEBRATION TIME!

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After 1 year, 5 months on steemit, I finally have 2,000 followers and some info how that happened.


It feels like it has taken forever. Over 500 days on steemit.com and I'm finally at this milestone!

...and in standard @intelliguy style, I'd like to give you some good information and advice that you can use with your own growth on STEEM for yourself too.

One of the best ways of getting followers is to rarely ask. -- Asking is the worst way to obtain true followers, and I'll tell you why.

  • Asking for a follow, means many people clicked "follow" because you asked. Not because they really felt the need to do it.

I've done that in my earlier days. I've followed someone "because they asked". But when they show up on my feed, I don't even know who they are.... they aren't memorable to me, and that's a problem.

If I just follow "just anyone", I lose sight of who they are, or why I'm following them, and eventually I unfollow them.

The 2,000 followers I have today aren't the only followers I've had on this journey. I've had lots of followers that follow me for a little while, and then drop off, and follow someone else.

So my follower progress looks like this:


So what trendy information can you glean from this?

As your reputation increases, and so do the quality of your posts, your followers will naturally increase too!

If you organically grow, the normal way this platform is intended, it will yield great results.

Every now and then, I use my reputation, and my follower list, to bring a spotlight down on new steemians who are just starting out. I feel there is a community and social responsibility to help others and give back, and I do that often.

  • ( just see my blog and you'll see evidence of those things I do every now and then)

(Click the video and enjoy the song)

Let's celebrate
There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times and your laughter, too

  • I am very lucky to have met so many good people here. I'm not that special. You guys/gals are !! Long live STEEM !!

Congrats @intelliguy . I hit 2000 mark myself this morning.

Congratulations @intelliguy you earned it with countless hours of research and accurate content that no doubt made a difference in hundreds upon hundreds ( 2,000 followers ) of steemians throughout your journey , you did for me that's for sure , and there is no doubt you will keep advocating for your fellow steemians ..your a different kind of breed that I respect greatly , your definitely someone that is relied on for there accurate information on a wide variety of topics. ....@intelliguy congrats on the hard work , 2,000 more are right around the corner. Thanks for everything

Big improvement in your writing. It's like the new you! :)

You're welcome too.... I don't mind spending the time, when people appreciate it. It's not just about $$ for me.... you know how that is.... (wink)

Congratulations on your work, you deserve our support.

Never forget your quote: "I try to keep my mind open. Anything is possible."

Hey there bro congrats on this milestone! Keep on inspiring and helping others bro! You know whats better than achieving a milestone? Its making another milestone! See ya around in the chatroom bro! 😊

Congratulations to you, very nice :)
Hope you have more good content for the next 2k followers ;)

Congrats dude! Awesome work! I'm 1 of 2000

...and just as important as the rest too, thank you very much.

Congratulations! on Acheiveing the milestone of 2000 followers and good job done by you and i happy to see u achieve more followers in coming days.

Congratulations on an amazing milestone

You are most welcome good sir! A friendly resteem for your efforts in appreciation for everything! ~ Brother Lance

Congrats on the milestone!

Congratulations on reaching 2000! Not bad! Hard work and diligence pays off in the long run. Looking forward to reading more of your posts...

Now you got a new follower 😀

well that’s a milestones me and deserving of
an upvote! Steem on man and congrats

Congratulations bro...God bless you for your success

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Congrats for that..its really a hard work specially for those ones that pursue real followers and not that Follow x follow sh17. Enjoy

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