Inspired by Socrates

in #steemit3 years ago

Today's inspiration comes from Socrates. On Steemit, we share our experiences and strive to interact with the community. In sharing, we should also experience growth. That growth comes from interaction and learning how to create better content and better interact with the community. For that reason, this quote from Socrates seems to fit:

The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.

Inspiration Daily is a project meant to locate minnows who are still struggling to find their voice. It is meant to encourage fledgling writers on the website or those who have created great content but aren't getting noticed. This project will grow organically and eventually be able to provide strong upvote power to aid in the encouragement of new members.

You can support this project with your upvote, follow and by dropping the URL of members you recognize could use some support into the comments section below. This is a manual project. Their material will be read by a real person and appropriate commentary will be left along with an upvote. Together, we can build up and encourage new content creators so that they grow with the community rather than leaving from discouragement.

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