Inspired by Rudyard Kipling

in #steemit3 years ago

Rudyard Kipling was a novelist who wrote the story Jungle Book. In this book is a code for the wolves who live in the jungle. It comes in the form of prose and is called the law of the jungle. This term has been taken out of context over the years and has come to mean the opposite of its original source. While most people would consider the law of the jungle to mean "survival of the fittest," it is actually a nod to community support. Within the prose is a line that has always struck a chord with me:

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

This quote is about community. About supporting one another. Steemit can feel like a jungle at times. And the law of this jungle can truly feel like dog-eat-dog or whale-eat-minnow as the case may be. But it doesn't have to be that way. We can have our own code. One that hearkens back to the original intent and context of Kipling's words. Where we are a pack that supports each other. Where we lift each other up and encourage one another. With this in mind, it is hopeful that the words in this blog will offer some support and encouragement to those who read it.

Inspiration Daily is a project aimed at supporting and encouraging newer members of Steemit. It is also a project to share inspirational quotes each day as a way of creating balance to the negativity in our lives. The project intends to power up all rewards to better encourage new writers with financial benefits to accompany encouraging comments on their posts.

Inspiration Daily also maintains a discord channel that has a post promotion section. This section is free to use. The rules are simple. Provide mutual support and you can promote your posts. Go read and upvote other authors whose work is not getting heavy traffic and provide each other support as we grow together as a community of writers.

You can support this project by joining the discord channel, resteeming the daily inspiration, upvoting the daily quote and curating authors who could use a boost. You can promote these authors by dropping a comment with their URL in the comments section below or by dropping them in the chat on discord. Together, we can support each other, grow and build our followings. You can join discord here: