CONGRATS OLD FRIEND! wishing you strength in your battles, and continuing success and joy on the platform!

<3 yes yes.. I'll be back around more often, gradually. Staying too busy for my own good, off platform, currently. But I couldn't let my steemiversary slide by without dropping a post. I hope all is well with you. It's been a long time since we've chatted.

Happy Steemiversary. I'll send you some SBI shares and take a bit off the pesky loan as a gift.
I've done a bit in AI too if you'd like to hmu via Discord.

<3 Thank You! AI\ML is nuts bro! and it's taking over the world. But not like terminator....

Siraj Raval (YouTuber) is just kicking off his 100 days of AI/ML code - you could get on the hype train. ConvNet is a good place to get a feel for DCCs because you can work 100% in your browser and see the layers and results as you go. For sure you'll soon outgrow ConvNet but it's a great way to get started embedding some abstract concepts while experimenting.

What can I say, this is more than emotional you see I could relate as well, I was in the most turbulent time of my life too, when I found steemit, it's been really long my friend, I'm glad you're sharing your story, cheers, it's an amazing milestone.

Thank you, friend! It feels way more like a new beginning than it did a year ago.

Happy birthday :)

thank you, roxane! Blessings <3

When you told me that you have tried meditation, i didn't liked the idea. meditation is good but what you were called meditation did sounded like an unnecessary ritual which (i believed) will lead to more confusion rather than calm your mind and make you realize some fundamental truth about yourself.
but now i read your lines:

I realized that if I wanted to make any progress, I needed to stop obsessing with guilt and regret and simply be the best possible human I can be, with every day I have to live. "one day at a time" as it were

i'm very happy that you find that out with or without meditation, that is what matters the most. there is no past or future because there is only now. there was now in the past and there will be a now in the future when it's time. therefore all we should worry about is now.

i'm very happy to know you and glad being your friend. good luck with your projects! :)

Squirrelmaster!!!! the meditation I described is a lot of work, but it has proven results for 4000+ years ;)

It's always a pleasure to see you here, and there. Congrats on the major upgrade to Gina.

Congratulations on your one year anniversary @inquiringtimes but even more for sharing your amazing story.

Sounds like you've really made a big turnaround in a very difficult situation.

I hope it continues to get better and better for you.

Sending love and hugs! 😍

I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Thank You.

That may be true @inquiringtimes but you have come a very long way already. You're doing great by the sound of it! 😍

Best wishes for your one year to be fulfilled Steemit has given you a new life. Make this life your wish. Similarly you keep writing

Happy anniversary :D <3

I'm happy to hear that Steemit made you want to become a better, healthier, and more social person. I feel that if anything, you've learned so many valuable skills that you can take back into your world now. Grats on dropping alcohol, and becoming more interested in blockchain, A.I., and technology as a whole.

One day at a time is right. You may not know exactly where your journey will take you next, but something tells me that it will be some place amazing!!!

<3 thanks shello. I'll keep chugging away, and re-growing my brain :)

a year, well I never. Happy steemit anniversary @inquiringtimes. Steemit has opened up many opportunities for both of us. Stay positive, keep working and find a place where you are happy, to me thats success :-)

<3 Thanks for everything!

happy anniversary longlifesmartcash

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