Why Steemit Will Disrupt The Trillion Dollar Tech Giants and Share The Wealth With The People

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Google, and Facebook are two of the biggest companies currently on earth because they have information. They have information on all of us. They know what you like, what you don't like, your hobbies, type of movies and music you enjoy. They have all this information on you because you are happily giving it to them when you search for anything on google, or when you like/share/post on Facebook.

And this information is what makes them so powerful. This is the information that advertisers and marketers are paying billions of dollars for. I don't personally think that it's wrong for them to have this information because we are happily giving it to them but at this point in time, this tremendous amount of data they have on the population at large is centralized, and stored securely in a server somewhere 30 feet underground, and only accessible to a select few.

But the block-chain technology is about to shatter all of that. Specially a platform like steemit. Before I share my vision of the future I see for steemit and all of us here on this decentralized social media, you must understand that I am one of a mindset who believes that if you can imagine it, you can create it.

So the vision I am about to share with you doesn't exists yet but I do not see why It can't in the future. And, if you are a developer reading this, please share your opinion with everyone in this community, about what you make of this. Right now steemit is a cross between Reddit and Facebook, and since everything is posted on the block-chain technology, every word ever written, or monetary transaction ever made is stored on the block-chain for everyone to see at anytime. This is how it should be and is the ultimate form of open market.

Steemit already has a search bar at the top right corner, that we can use in similar fashion to google search. If this search feature is mass adopted then we are proving the block-chain with information about ourselves similar to how we are providing information to Google and Facebook. The difference here, this information is decentralized and accessible to anyone that can find a easy way to access it.

So for example, I am starting this blog with some informative articles on health and fitness. Once I accumulate a mass amount of followers and there is a feature for me to see what my followers are searching for, I may see that a good majority of them are interested in the ketogenic diet. Upon getting this data, I can write about the ketogenic diet which provides massive amounts of value to both me as a content creator and my audience who is looking for this specific information.

But as of now, Facebook and google are hoarding all this information and selling it to advertisers for millions of dollars. However, steemit is on the verge of distributing all that wealth among the people.

So a call to action for us is to start using steemit to search for information and share this amazing platform with the world. So the next time you want to find a recipe for some sugar free, dairy free, vegan cookies, consider searching it on steemit before resorting to google.

And as always, Stay Informed My Friends!!

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Wow, I got through about 2 sentences before realizing what a fucking moron you are....congrats!

Great title though! I thought it was going to be a killer piece. Nope, just a few brain cells.

Hey @berniesanders, I know that you're famous here in Steemit, and I'm not so optimistic with the platform unless many changes are done, but don't you think that being so disrespectful without any argument is what proves that the moron is you?

Sharing the revenue with true revenue generators, which is the actual users is inevitable. Only those will survive which give a fair revenue share to their users.


steam is such a powerful platform. Do you guys think it can take over twitter and facebook in feature?

Steemit is a great platform if everyone uses it!

The Steem might need to introduce a few more things too like chat options apps and plugins like facebook did what do you think?

Amen bro.

sir can you tell me best platform for download free images?

I like what you text here :) And steemit is big thing ... and soon we all see it :)

Thank You! Yes this will be a exciting time for all of us


sir can you tell me best platform for download free images?

Yah steemit it is

It's a free right to share what you have. It'll be selfish of your hoarding all that information.
Spread the wealth, spread the knowledge

@infocentral surely if not beat but it can give strong competition to them , it's our duty to support n enlarge our steemit community, lovely article ❤

Interesting, i like your idea and it makes me realize that I can share my recipes and other stuff related to fitness and healthy diet here too.. thanks for sharing this information here.

yes! that is the idea. Share your ideas here and use this platform to search for all information

@steemit has also created buzz in crypto market. we #steemian know the power of it.

We agree with your vision, when we share information we share power, we have to work together for this platform , as we continue to grow, giving power to the community

Excellent @Infocentral...totally agree with you. This is where he applies a phrase used today by many politicians: "Steemit was born of the people and is for the people". Nowadays, social networks and corporate databases globalize and centrally manage all the information that we have provided to them for their benefit, and the only thing they share with the user is a new EMOJI in the new version of the APP. STEEMIT is asymmetrical to all these social networks and databases that we know and have used for many years, but you are right @infocentral, Steemit shares its profits with the entire community, so we as users must drive this great project. Greetings...

Steemit is eating facebook twitter youtube ans reddit bussines

Currently It will replace twitter but Facebook is definitely up next

Steemit rocks .congrats to all steemian to be part of steemit :)

That's belongs to google search too, the search bar on steemit.

If you use the search bar on steemit, it populates with steemit related articles and information first.

Nice! Looking forward to seeing the development of blockchain application!

It is very serious issue that they analyse our private information.It is not fare for us

With this many people on board, I can imagine you can find the answer to literally anything by using Steemit. If not now, that time is just right around the corner. Thanks for sharing. Much love! <3

I followed you and up vote. please followback @sexvideouploader

Nice... Yeah I'm in Steemit for the long haul. So much of a fresh social media perspective its hard to not want to get in on the ground floor.

good idea

if only this could be true and if only we could get rid of all the bots

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sir can you tell me best platform for download free images?

nice post (Y)
follow me

nice post (Y)
follow me

This is a very good article and it makes a lot of sense

Long live all Steemians... Amen!

Steemit will grow but its still early. There arw too many problems that need fixing.

That is so true, @infocentral especially the part where you deliver the value. Its all about delivering value to the people and this shift that blockchain will bring will make it so that the value will be distributed equally to all.

good post,

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

wow! Thank you so much for changing my prospective for steemit, this post was very informative and helpful for me and for many steemians, I was really confused about the decentralized social media concept but now it made me more informative about steemit search engine. nice work pal.

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i am new here i want to know more about steemit

Wow great post

Thank You! Please Share or resteem

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Steemit definitely has the characteristics of being a great crossroad between the exciting social media space and the potential of blockchain technology. However, there are still a number of issues that need to be resolved in order for it to be mainstream. You are off to a good start in envisioning the potential of the community and this platform.

great man.. thanku for sharing this info

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Informative article.

Thank You!

thanks, i agree with you. Good luck.

its not only a simple website.. its bigger then this.. soon we will see this.

Very important message dear.You are true ...Agree with u

me too

Steemit is the future of new kind of social media. The future will be fully decentralised.
I m agree with you. Data is the oxygen to this digital era.



I think that at some point Steemit will need to embrace some digital identity technology and allow the building of facebook like features. This anonymity model will not work for long, that's so 1990's to be honest and needs to change, only then Steemit could have a go at competing with Facebook.