infinite-blocks launches the kinesis token + we are hiring +airdrop opportunity

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TL:DL (for those who didn't read through)

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Infinite-blocks is a platform that is focused on financial education, entertainment and payment services. We operate 100% remotely and will have staffs from around the world collaborate to bring these dreams true.

We are right now meeting and securing private investors, advisors.

We are also open to contributions(in terms of advice, connections, not money) from the public.

We created our token on the steem blockchain, called kinesis(KEN).

KEN will be used for payments, think of it like a very limited steem, focused on being used as an exchange of value, that is non-inflationary and is community driven.

We are looking to list on freedomex immediately they launch and are currently trying to contact the team for recommendations and details.

We are working on a steem wallet, that takes away the blogging aspect and leaves the wallet aspect, which is able to show steem-engine smt tokens and transactions, this will help merchants and sellers of services integrate their businesses easily with steem and start receiving KEN tokens for their goods and services.

We have a few services we are offering,

  • We have a news website ready to go which rewards people with KEN token if they bring us rare, exciting and quality news(, its fresh off the oven so you wont see anything there for now)
  • We are working on an online collaborative space that caters to upcoming artists who we help bring to limelight via paid subscription, contests, membership and other community related efforts and use cryptocurrency to make international payments possible, as well as use blockchain to cut out expensive legal middlemen.
  • We are working on building a network of OTC traders to boost liquidity of Steem-engine SMT tokens, so there are hundreds of fiat pairings available for tokens built on steem( but first KEN), (liquidity and international availability won't be a problem)
  • Staking a certain amount of KEN token will yield you monthly rewards when used to effect community initiatives)

We are hiring!

We laid out 1,000,000 KEN tokens for staffs
all staffs will be paid in tokens for the first year in order to boost a culture of working towards a common goal, which is the successful launch of the KEN token.
(scroll to the end to get more info)


Over the last few weeks, the founder and team of Infinite-blocks had contemplated on where to launch their services on, seeing as how steem SMTs was not forthcoming.

Thanks to the brilliant team by @aggroed , Infinite-blocks can now come out fully with their plans , utilizing SMTs in ways that no one seems to have thought of before .

For every business to prosper, something must be sold and there must be a customer or a consumer willing to pay for what is being sold, no two ways about it.

With that in mind, we went to work.

please note that this is a very truncated version of our business plan/whitepaper, more information can be gotten by contacting us

Executive overview

Screenshot (180).png

Infinite-blocks is a startup company focused on providing education, entertainment, news and payment solutions. We operate by integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency elements to, in some cases, improve traditional ways of doing things , and in other cases, create a brand new approach to selling a service.

Infinite-blocks acts as a parent company, primarily creating a payment solution system with the kinesis token, but also providing services that the masses are willing to pay for.

Kinesis token(KEN)

According to analysts, in a free market situation the currency that will survive to be the most used and most traded currency, is the one that the highest number of people adopt. In this age of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we have been blessed with a landscape that is full of different kind of currencies. However in a survival of the fittest style , only the currency that is most unique , easy to use, fast enough with connections to the masses will come out as the most used currency.

The kinesis token is one of the backbones of the Infinite-blocks company , by providing a token which is easy use, is tied in to multiple utilities, incentives, staking benefits and use cases, we hope to pave the way for mass adoption and usage by merchants and partners who provide services of any kind.

The table below gives the differences our token has in respect to others. We believe in order for a token to have its full potential, it must be in the hands of as many people as possible. Its apparent value is then tied to the amount of work that the company is doing and the value that is placed on the token by the community.

Advantages over traditional money and older generation cryptocurrency .

Fixed supplyyesnoyesyesno
Near instant transaction speedyesyesnonoyes
Fair distribution by airdropping majority of tokensyesnononono
>9000 transactions per secyesyesnonoyes
Human readable addressesyesyesnonoyes
Capable of instant international transfer of value for the average personyesnoyesyesyes

The advantage the dpos systems like steem have always had is the ability to easily send tokens to addresses that are human readable(you can have your last name as an address), at lightning fast speed, simultaneously with thousands of other transactions taking place and at zero fee.

These are advantages that no other currency in the crypto world has to offer. In the battle for a coin that is easy to use as well as innovative , tokens created on both steem, eos, hold the best chances of mass adoption .

Use cases of kinesis(ken) token

use cases of the KEN tokrn.png

The Kinesis token forms the one of the backbones on which all Infinite-blocks services work on, from our entertainment services, which uses blockchain to solve some problems inherent with international deals and legal deals, to our OTC desk, which allows us trade these utility coins with anyone from around the world.

  • ken token will be used to power our payment gateway via a wallet, allowing merchants and store owners to easily integrate it to their routine .
  • ken token powers our entertainment platform, acting as a ticket to our events, a show of membership, buying/getting merchandise and a reward system for our competitions.
  • ken token acts as a reward for our news platform , where we give incentives to people for providing us fresh, shocking, breaking and otherwise hidden news, which we then publish for the world to see.
  • users who stabilize and protect the value of our coin by staking a certain amount of ken token get rewarded on a monthly basis
  • ken token will serve as a tipping mechanism,especially in restaurants and bars that accept our token.
  • ken token will form the basis upon which all our educational master classes are paid through, the classes of our partners are paid through.

Business model- Crypto adoption through actual business, community powered partnership and collaboration(1million KEN pool for engaging and participating in our community initiatives , including airdrops, bounties and competitions)


Many crypto tokens felt the brute of the bear market because they were grossly unprepared and had no other business apart from the tokens they collected. For a business to move forward, something must be sold.
Infinite blocks as a startup is positioning itself in such a way that it has multiple sources of income, rather than depend on tokens which may be subject to volatility and further drop in price.
This way, we ensure the long term survivability of our projects.

In the quest for crypto adoption, many veterans left out the one set of people who determined if a product failed or not, the customers , consequently , many crypto assets have been reduced to nothing more than trading assets in exchanges, being used for nothing else other than to be traded into or out of fiat/bitcoin or any other crypto pairing available .

In order to ensure the survivability of our token, we at Infinite-blocks are focused more on community development and initiatives , making useful partnerships and collaborations with as many individuals and businesses as possible.

Our services (truncated)

Screenshot (184).png

Infinite-blocks is focused on improving and creating new approaches to traditional services in entertainment, payments, OTC trading and news.

On entertainment- Providing upcoming artists an avenue to move grow.

Problem statement

On an average they are over 300 to 400 upcoming artist for every celebrity artist that has made it in the industry.

Here lies a problem in which there is not nearly enough attention to cater for these upcoming artist based in the united states, england, asia, or in africa, especially in africa.


  • Provision of a platform that promotes, give audience, push ideas of upcoming audio-visual individuals .

On payment gateways and services- providing human readable and fast payments to businesses


  • Crypto businesses are skeptical about using cryptocurrency for their transactions


Providing hands on training and guidance of merchants into the cryptocurrency world, providing a way to help set up a steem account/ KEN wallet account so said business can operate.

More information would be made public as time goes on, our next post will dive deeper into our tokenomics, progress on the news site, reveal of team members and other aspects.

we want you.png
We are currently looking for writers who would be posting on our website 10 times a month. In return, we are offering a pool of 200,000 KEN tokens. We are in need of just 9 writers, from around the globe.
Out of the 9, we need 4 people to handle our social media handles, you'll be compensated for your added efforts

  • You must be good in english.
  • Your writing skills must be somewhat decent
  • Special consideration will be given to those with backgrounds as editors
  • Loyalty, perhaps the most important trait
  • Consistency, those who skip, miss, plagiarise or otherwise make the paper look bad will immediately be terminated from the service and not compensated.
  • Be jolly, we love jolly fellows :)
  • Our meetings will be on telegram.
  • If you cannot wait for 3 -5 months before we list our token(incase something goes wrong), please don't apply
  • You need not be a steemian or even a crypto expert, just knowledgeable enough to have patience s we work towards a launch

We are currently looking for 3 graphic designers, preferable those good at vector art and actual designs, not just editing on photoshop.
Since graphics is usually more tedious than writing and you'll be required to draw up to 100 artworks, being compensated everytime you finish a work,, 300,000 KEN tokens are up for grabs here

  • Speak at least decent level of english.
  • Your anime type art will be given special consideration
  • The more weird and unique your art skills are, the better
  • If you make mockups and blockchain related art, much better, we would love to have you in as well.
  • Loyalty, perhaps the most important trait
  • Consistency, those who skip, miss, plagiarise or otherwise make infinite-blocks look bad will immediately be terminated from the service and not compensated.
  • Be jolly, we love jolly fellows :)
  • Our meetings will be on telegram.
  • If you cannot wait for 3 -5 months before we list our token(in case something goes wrong), please don't apply
  • You need not be a steemian or even a crypto expert, just knowledgeable enough to have patience s we work towards a launch

First Airdrop, refer two people(preferably writers and artists/designers) and gain tokens(first 100 comments get free tokens)

You must be fairly active in steemit though in the last 7 days though, that's the only rule.

If you've got any questions, you can contact us on discord, we're pretty much all steem related groups on discord, from PAL, to oracle-D, to the steem alliance and even channel, minnowboster etc

Leave any questions you have below, it will be addressed here or in private.


Infinite-blocks is a platform that is focused on financial education, entertainment and payment services.

Making money is the dream but knowing how to spend it becomes the issue, a platform that sets to enlighten users about this is surely a welcome development.

@rufans @camzy infinite-block looking to hire graphics designers, you guys should have a look

Big ups to the creator of these innovative platform that has come to solve a lot of financial problems going on in the cryptosphere. Also, incorporating education, entertainment and OTC trading bringing a platform where they can thrive.

@kingeazi you need to check this as an artist.
@iykekenero come sing for us too. Lol

This is awesome. infinite-blocks is ready to solve both real life and blockchain problems. Good plan guys.

I hereby invite these writers @josediccus & @smithmadu

I am a writer and I love what @Infinite-block is cooking in the crypto world and would love to be a part of it. I invite @Liltom, @Evegrace, @Prettyglo, @Imaluv54 to this blog to have their view and perhaps be a part of @infinite-block.


Submitted my Form:

noted, you dont need to post screenshots though, your application has been recorded and will be proceessed once we are done.

Going to check out your application. I have written learning materials and I've been an online writing tutor... This really interests me, @infinite-block

Nice! We will be getting back to everyone within 7 days.

Woow, a steem powered project like this is sure to bring a positive impact on the Blockchain.

I am inviting @jacobite as he is the best graphics designer I know.
I am inviting @tezzmax as he is the best painter I no of...

I am inviting writers such as @itoroarchibong @zyzymena @valchiz @bookoons @promzyelisha @prechyrukky

Lol.... Painter ke..... A visual artist o.

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Seeing this I couldn't say because it seems I'm short of words. I've always known that the innovation behind the SMT would be something more valuable. Let's keep the community growing. I am a practicing visual artist, and I would love to work with this wonderful community any moment form now. @Bookoons, @gracehills, you guys should some see things for yourself please.

Infinite blocks is live. Africa unchained forever.

@funmiakinpelu @valchiz, see work o

This is a great project, cant wait to see it full potentials succeeding.

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