Travel Diary, The Vatican City

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Vatican City, You will never guess what I found !

Governed as an absolute monarchy with the pope at its head, Founded: February 11, 1929
The Glorious city

We started our day early, headed straight for the first agency who offered us the "Skip the line" Pass, I still to this day think it was worth it as we walked past the 300m long queue in the blistering heat with no shade.


Greeted with some of the finest art work the world has to offer, we walk around with the rest of the group like good little sardines in a a can, this place is an endless moshpit, Ozzy would be proud!


I will be changing my bathroom when I get home, and one of these shall be installed.


A huge collection of animal statues, believed that God loves all his creatures and here we honor them


The Famous "Torso" statue, 1 Guess how it got its name..


Hercules,Heracles, born Alcaeus or Alcides, was a divine hero in Greek mythology, the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Reminds me of the legend of John Henry?


The Baths of Titus, guarded by all the gods and demi gods


This kind of reminds me of Valhalla in Norse mythology

Being taken down by Athena


Minerva, goddess of wisdom, craft, and war (Equivalent to Athena in Greek mythology)

If you pull this chalice down, then hit up, down, left, left, then you unlock her "nude skin"


Some Cool Relics in the Vatican museums

A view from the popes room


Just kidding, although he does have a similar one, looking down on to the palatial grounds.

Longest hallway in the Vatican museums


Home to a Corridor of Maps and the Gilt Hall of Paperies, tapestries and incredible art work

Michael Angelo


Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was a Florentine sculptor, painter, architect, and poet.

Sistine chappel


I had to sneak this one for you guys as photos aren't allowed, and no flash was used.

St. Peter's Basilica


Largest church in the world, can fit the statue of liberty inside!

Truly amazing place this


St. Peter's Baldachin


It is said that St. Peter himself is buried beneath it.

The Door of Death.


This is a VERY interesting door, all I can find on it was that it was as an exit for funeral processions. Im not convinced though... it was too heavily guarded by FBI looking like fellas...

Here is a pic I found online.

Door of Death.jpg

This might highlight better than my pic, but the grim reaper is holding an hour glass! How creepy!

Front Door


I would recommend not going in the front door. Work it from through the museums then you can take your time in the church.



This is one grand spectacle, I've never seen anything man made and magnificent as this!

Well that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed my trip through the Vatican city.

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