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This week has been filled with comments, notes, interviews from all sorts of people coming from all sorts of professions reference the POTUS decision about the Paris accord. Whether they are politicians, artists, reporters, engineers, lawyers, architects, biologists, reverends, cooks and many other, all of a sudden it appears to be that everybody has an opinion about a “supposed problem” and best of all, each and every one is telling everyone else how to fix it.

Did any of these so called "friends of the climate" even thought about doing jetpooling when going to Paris for the PA? Answer: NONE. These ones are definitively NOT leading by example.

For some time the topic has been of my interest and have been reading quite a bit about it. I’d like to point out the I’ve read articles from both sides of the aisle, those that say we have a big problem and that we will have devastation happening in no time, and those that say this is the normal development of a planet than has been in existence for well over 3.5 billion years. (note: this “modern” form of human we have today has been under works for the last 200,000 yrs.)

Humans beings are so arrogant; shall we say we border idiotically..?

Also worth noticing, civilization (the industrialized type) has been, let’s say, “making fire” a little over 200 years. Dinosaurs roomed the earth for over 168 million years (average so say the experts). I mention this now as to get our minds into the frame of length of time. i.e. assuming we have been making smoke for 200 years, this is 0.000005714 % of the entire period of existence of earth. Barely noticeable? I would say very barely. The earth has been going through changes/cycles since the first day it was created, no question about that. It’s mind boggling how come some think that humans have the power to change temperature on earth; are we arrogant or what?

From this previous comments I am lenient to think that the effect that humans tend to have on changes in temperature of earth, whether making temperature to lower (cooler) or higher (warmer) are 100% negligible. This is my conclusion in reference to the impact that humans have on changes of temperature of the earth.

So why is the media (dominated and owned by the rich and powerful) and politicians (dominated and owned by the rich and powerful) envisioning a dim future IF WE DON’T TAKE MEASURES RIGHT NOW in matters that have to do with what they are marketing as CLIMATE CHANGE !!

global warming.jpg

Because it is a matter of economics considering that this has to deal with the distribution of services, goods & products. It is perhaps an extension of capitalism getting its tentacles into matters of the environment. Keep in mind, those that are at the top WANT TO BE AT TOP FOREVER. How will the money be brought in to cover the costs of programs designed to address the issue? Well the answer is one easy one: TAXES. Why? Because poor countries do not have the money to run those projects so they will have to be asking for loans to the world bank and international monetary fund and such. We the ones in poor, low, lower, middles, high, higher classes will end up paying for the smart ideas of those politicians who as I wrote before are dominated and owned by the rich and powerful. Some math people are still trying to calculate the environmental footprint damage left by the 200 plus people who were in Paris for the accord. Just think about Obama; over 50 cars, 2 x 747’s to carry this guy and his buddies, top food class (no sandwiches for this ones no no no ), zillion of water bottles not even touch by many, to mentioned a few. I call this hypocrisy to the max.

Hey Mr. IMF, can you borrow us poor ones some money please? I will get the money through taxes so no problem .... WTF ...
imf get out.jpg

So my few cents of some ideas for real contribution:
Stop contamination: use less plastics (if you have to, cut them in as little piece as possible and recycle), try recycling bypass products at all levels as paper, wood, metals.
Engage neighbors and friends and explain the difference between climate change (which is changing every minute of every day) and a change in temperature of a system such as the earth.
Minimize the use of potable water; limit time in shower. Close tabs when water just flowing.
Use the bicycle more often; try and also use the public transportation. Do carpooling.
Try to obtain food from your area; this diminishes costs as transportation lengths are shorter.
If you see garbage on the street, at home, anyplace and is within reach (and healthy standards) pick it up and place it in a proper garbage can.
Separate garbage at the origin; don’t expect those that recollect to do it for you.
Solely but surely, start thinking about the use of renewable energy. Yes it is expensive these days, still as technology catches up and develops more efficient ways, increase production, costs will lower.

We all can contribute by controlling and managing waste at point of origin.
garabage in mountian.jpg

Other comments. PLEASE do not believe and trust all what reporters say on the news whatever the means; they are reporters and basically do not understand anything about math, science, technology and so many subjects that require such a length of studies in academic preparation to even grasp the main ideas of a subject. Most, unfortunately, reporters are these days trying to give the impression that they know it all and they just DO NOT. They should go back to school and re-study so to understand that it is their job to report as accurate as possible the events occurring in their presence; NOT to provide interpretation as per their own judgement.

Read a lot and stay inform; don’t think that the world will end tomorrow for the reasons they tell you. With the www the amount of information is enormous. On spare time study and research this interesting topics. Form in your mind your own idea.

This is not the 1930, 40’s, 50, and so on when big tobacco companies said that smoking caused no harm to you health. NOW more than 50 years later, we, it happens that it is harmful to health. In those years humans were manipulated by those same companies that were, once again, dominated and owned by the rich and powerful. Same thing happening these days. Big difference we are smarter nowadays.

To me, this topic is bordering fascination; how can a small group of people dominate groups hundreds of time bigger than theirs using threat, scaring you and me, etc. For now I say it is very smart MARKETING.

Anyway, I would like to see more articles in reference to this issue and perhaps get a grasp on what most think about this. Please do and post.


PS. Get and read the book:
Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think
by Peter H. Diamandis (Author), Steven Kotler (Author)

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I just have one question for people who believe in co2 emissions affecting the climate. How come we know that there was an ice age before we even had an industrialization. That implies that climate was always changing.
But i have to say that regulation should be directed towards our well being like our environment we live in. I dont want to live in a city full of smog.
Thanks for thos lengthy post it surely is nice to gain inside into other peoples thinking.

I'm on board with most of your sentiments - climate change has turned into a political hammer for social justice warriors to try and bludgeon anyone that dares to ask a question into submission.

A hundred years or so isn't a really good statistical sample size in my opinion. I don't pretend to be a climatologist, or scientist of any kind, but it would seem logical to assume that temperatures have varied greatly of their own accord in the past.

Having said that - de-polluting is also a rational thing - surely cleaner water and air is a good thing? I'm all for that - and we should be steering technology to those ends - I just don't want to have to be part of the green religion at the same time.


Whats that great meme? "Yeah but what if we go about making the world a better place and CLimate Change is a lie!??!"

Nice post haha.


so what is your state of appreciation of current events ref. global temperature changes?



I obviously think that humans are not doing anything to help the planet but at the same time when you think about how dinosaurs were killed off by an ice age, it becomes very obvious that the world has naturally heated up on its own as the ice age came to an end. I think the world naturally heats up as has been shown by history.


Txs. much appreciate it.


great post. You really should check out http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/
They're the only group I've found whose solution to the problem is at the scale of the actual problem.

I'm sorry but using led lightbulbs and enacting a carbon tax isn't going to cut it, it's a death sentence to anyone under the age of 50.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That opened me up, ALOT!!! (Which is good!)


it is good let stir up a bit more the world !!!

I can agree that this problem has become a tool for political endeavors, which is a dick-move if you ask me. It's such an important subject and should not be used for any one souls gain, but rather the globes gain. No matter where we all stand, I think we can agree it's important to at least be a cleaner life form. Clean up after yourself, save water, use less energy. Not very hard. It will go a long way. Cheers, great post. (:

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Haha good point about the jets. I can't see world leaders jetpooling though.

Do you think individuals have the most power to cause change? Maybe. Some of the things you suggested might work. I'd even add that people should educate themselves on the companies they purchase from. This would pressure companies to change policies and may cause bigger waves...

Whether global warming is true or not, we have limited resources so I think investing in renewables is a great idea. China is actually throwing tons of money that way right now.

Great post! :)

I remember there was some country being harassed about air quality, and being told they had to spend millions or billions to "fight the problem". You know what they did instead? Paid their own people to plant trees everywhere. Guess what. It worked! (Probably because nature is actually really good at cleaning up pollution!) Not only did the air quality improve, but they had also employed their own people to do it!

As for global warming, when you take your measurements in the hottest possible conditions you can find, just to rig your data to try to prove your point... that is blatant dishonesty. But even if they wanted to put their thermometers in a barbecue pit, they do not alter the real temperatures by doing it.

Temperatures will change over time. Some years they will run high, other years they will run low, and some years they'll be moderate. It fluctuates. And it would, even if there were no people on the Earth, at all. But what we do NOT see, are temperatures across the whole globe doing anything, and not going back the other way ever again.

What we do see, is that something as simple as planting a bunch of trees, can clean up the air pretty nicely. Planting the right plants stops coastal erosion nicely, and revives underwater ecosystems. And recently they discovered a worm that can eat plastic. Some day scientists will probably even be able to bring back extinct species. And I'm sure eventually someone will give us a cheap or free method of generating as much electricity as we want, in a stable, reliable manner. (Geniuses tend to do things like that.) And life goes on. Even if the doomsayers keep telling us otherwise.

Keep calm and carry on.

Maybe I am naive, but I think that things will turn around. I think people are waking up and are going to start turning things around. In the US, states are already taking action even if the federal government is pulling back. I read that book Abundance BTW. Very positive outlook (bruce)


I really liked that book txs.

Great post. I fully agree. This should've been upvoted more. I think maybe put it in politics?


hum good point ... I do not know how to add it now ... is it possible to resteem or something alike ...?


Not sure, but what I have found to be the most important to gettting people to view your material so far is making sure you have your first tag the most relate able one. Also put a picture on top for aesthetic. I am still learning but that is my best experience so far.

thanks for sharing

I stopped reading newspapers a while ago As they only tell you what they want you know know and that is mostly not the truth and as for Human beings they are destructive careless and selfish


good for you I see all that follow the news are constantly telling me don't do this don't do that.....aaaggggghhhhhh


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sheep follow sheep hopefully one day they will realise :)

Definitely something that doesn't make a whole lot of sense about this whole issue. Generally I find that what ever the mainstream is pushing for is usually not for the reasons that they are saying such as in this instance "to save the world from imminent destruction"

Agree with the need for recycling and using less plastics. Just saw an article about efforts to snag the plastics in the ocean and recycle them.
Interesting points.

Nice! Good looking out!

excelente punto de vista!!

this is 0.000005714 % of the entire period of existence of earth

Even at 5000 years of civilization, the data being used, that started being collected from 1860, 1979 and 1985, amounts to nothing but statistical noise.

Yup, don't poop in the bathtub, CO2 is plant food and the Sun and the solar system is doing more to the climate than man could ever possibly accomplish.

It is perhaps an extension of capitalism getting its tentacles into matters of the environment.

It isn't capitalism. Crony capitalism, maybe. Control, most definitely. All the green stuff is connected to Communism and those people who believe that most of the Earth's population needs to be eliminated.

Nice post! Indeed we need to strive for cleaner air, land, water, food. But i also have a problem with the excuse "save the planet". Like the great George Carlin said, is not the planet that needs to be saved, the planet is fine, PEOPLE are f*****... like the politicians you mentioned and all those jets to the climate accord (DiCaprio flew 8,000 miles on a private jet to pick up an "environmental award", ahahah). So yes, rich men and polititians should stop the abuse of flying jets, also of course moving to renewables already, but one of the few things we the people really have the power to change is divesting in pollution causing products, we can stop the abuse of meat consuption the meat industry wich does more harm than all the other causes together, we can stop supporting the toxic killer monsanto, etc...
stay vigilant, stay informed :)


yes if the leaders changed the respond to the message would be different ...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

leaders won't ever change, we have to change ourselves first.

Good post... Thank you. Upvoted. : )

Politicians are more interested in politics than they are in governing. "Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it" - William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham in a speech to the UK House of Lords in 1770. This is not a new theory of controlling what the masses are thinking by a select few as they control the flow of information. Nor is this a conspiracy theory. Mankind is so arrogant that we are the only "animal" on the plant who has felt the need to change their environment surrounding them instead of adapting to their environment.

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BIG txs .... Great following you also … look forward to exchange great articles