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Oh an another issue now is that 90% (maybe 95% now, I haven't checked in a few months) of my followers are inactive. I bet you have a similar situation. Pretty tough to have any interaction with no one to interact with.


Exactly! I’ve been on since August 2016..,and it was fantastic till I’d say the last 6 mos. no one stops to talk anymore- and of course making no $ at all.

Aww, that's sad to hear, but there's always a point where everyone will need to assess if they belong to a place or not, I guess. I do hope you will find success where ever you decided to go (or stay)...

A pity! Maybe motivation comes back one day...?

I gave up too. I'm too radical for Steemit. Too many faktriots. I only use Steemit for the free speech outlet while interacting with a few people. That's about it.


Really??? You are too radical huh? I’m a hippie with a gun too- I met a bunch of cool artists who use magick in the beginning - where are they now??? One friend I met on here thinks Steemit is a psy-op


Yes I'm too radical. I got kicked out of information war for pissing all those fuckers off!
I got into Steemit to late. I should of been on here back in 2016 before moving to Arkansas. Back when I was still houseless living in my Sovereign mobile. So far 2016 has been my most radical year yet. Now I'm wanting to start a movement to unincorporate Arkansas. Re-instate our inalienable rights doing away with these lawless unconstitutional institutions that have enslaved us.

Steemit got my attention when it compensated me for my attention. Steemit got my time when my time was paid for Now instead of dollars, my time is worth cents or even fractions of cents (in USD terms) so unless I have a compelling need to spend my time, I wont and don't. Steem goes back up over a buck and this place will hop again. As Steem (and crypto in general) drags along the bottom, so will Steemit, with a few notable exceptions.

I personally hang on just enough to say I am still here, hoping for better times, and the fun and excitement like we all had spring of 2018.


Wow! I just checked out your stuff! Incredible- I will look when I get home - I didn’t know about steembay and your amazing and deals- thx

not gone yet