Just leave and use Steemit is not Steem.

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@quochuy please explain or share a link that explains the difference between steemit and steempeak - they look the same - how are they not connected? Thanks.

Steemit is just a frontend (dapps) that talks to the Steem blockchain. Steemit is owned and maintained by Steemit Inc (the company) and SteemPeak is owned and maintained by some Steemians.

You can create your own frontend website that also talks to the Steem blockchain and decide whether to display ads on it or not

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Thanks @quochuy - I actually started to figure this out myself after I replied to you - I think will switch to steempeak because I detest where steemit is going.
Thanks for the suggestion...

You’re welcome.

Although I do understand your frustrations, I was also attracted by Steemit due to the absence of annoying advertising banners but I also do understand their stance in the current situation. They need some revenue and ads are an efficient way to get some. I hope they will add some kind of revenue sharing with the content creators too.

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I agree with both of you, and can add that using adblockers in your browser works just fine on steemit. Never seen an ad on steemit because of it, I couldn't even tell you where they are normally displayed ;)

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