Missing the Exciting Times on Steemit...

in steemit •  5 months ago

I saw the opportunity. I availed it. I educated thousands of people so that they could avail the opportunity too. It was an opportunity to participate in a new kind of economy; the gift economy of Steem blockchain. The gift started vanishing due to democratic nature of the platform. It will evolve perhaps. But I miss the Steemit I joined in June 2017. Come August 2018, Steemit is not the same anymore. I don't know how it will return to that beautiful state again. I just wish it does.


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I also joined June 2017 and it's become a different place indeed. But I also think it will be different again by next year - who knows what it will be like then? I'm cautiously but optimistically sticking around :) Cheers!

Hey buddy! It's disappointing to see you go away from Steem because of the reasons we all know and agree upon. But it's upto us to change the current state. Don't let the crap stop you from creating superb content. We need you back. Please check your discord! I have an important thing to share with you. It would be an honor to have your support and skills onboard @oracle-d. Not sure if you are aware of it, but they are supporting kickass content creators like you and I.

Hope to see you back in action! I would like to have a word with you on Discord because I need your help.

It will, just wait and watch :)

A platform evolves and we need to sail and adapt to it. Great things are coming through the pipe like the HF20 and SMT next year.

I hope for the best.