Can Steemit Reduce World Poverty? I Think It Can. What Do You Think?

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Poverty is one of the biggest problems of the world we live in. Different people in different parts of world live in different conditions and not all of them are not good. 

Out of more than 7.2 billion human beings, an estimated 2 billion people suffer from poverty; which translates to not being able to afford even the basic human needs like food, water, and sanitation.

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Can Steemit Reduce World Poverty? 

Steemit platform, as I know it, is benevolent and caring. It helps people who add value to its ever growing community. Adding value is a precondition to be helped. Can it reduce world poverty by helping people in some way?

In the picture: A look at the Hot section right now. All these people have earned good amounts in minutes and hours. They too were beginners some time ago; not more than a year of course. You see the potential?

I think it can. For example, if a person who has no source of income but is sufficiently knowledgeable (or a keen learner) and has access to internet and a computer/smartphone, he/she can learn using Steemit and start contributing to this community in form of content coming from his/her ideas. Ideas are free across the globe.

Can Steemit Community Reachout Needy People? 

Yes, it can and it does. The first day I joined Steem, I saw a post from @darthnava who needed some help with his medical expenses. His post has reached rewards of $17,502 due to massive support by the Steemit community (upvotes, resteems and wallet donations). I resteemed that post on my first day here.

This is a remarkable example of how Steemit community can contribute to reducing world poverty. Of course for a proper mission to do that, there would be a need to established authenticity of the needy people. But there's a way forward possible through Steemit community.

What's The Best Approach?

Some days ago, someone from our local community reached out to me for monetary help. He was educated and could write fairly well. I told him about Steemit and how he can make it a source of income for him and his family. I'm not sure he has joined but hundreds have done since I started inviting my people to this awesome platform.

The best approach would be to invite people to Steemit and teach them how to use it and make a living from it. This way, a huge number of people and families will come out of poverty by earning a decent income as a reward for their hard work.

Poverty is Our Enemy and We Need to Fight It!

If we do not fight it today, it will make our world a living hell tomorrow. Today’s poor people are contributors of tomorrow’s poor people; manifold. We are ignoring this monsters for decades now, but poverty has already crippled our planet. Ignoring it further will only multiply the damage.

Image Source: Flickr

Are We Ready to Contribute?

Please understand this. Today’s murders, criminals, extremists, and terrorists were yesterday’s poor and illiterate children. Today’s poor and uneducated children will be tomorrow’s killers, criminals, extremists, and terrorists. There’s no doubt about it!

Dear Fellow Steemians,

Please take responsibility for your country and world. Let's remove poverty from it. You may argue that it’s the job of the government, but the government has always failed, and it will fail again too because it is corrupt.

Image Source: Pixabay

The leaders, the ministers, will die in another 20 or 30 years. Most of us, you and I, are the ones who will live the future of the world. We need to take responsibility to build that future right now. 


I request you to reach out pockets (areas) of poverty in your region or country and give them the idea of Steemit. That's the best gift I think there is right now and the most effective one as well.  

After people join, they will learn more and more from this vibrant community and be return the favor by helping more people. I think it can work. It is already working in my community and I am teaching close to a 100 people how to use #Steemit despite being new here.

Please spread the idea by resteeming it generously. Your comment would give me more ideas and upvotes will give this idea strength.

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Thank you!

Delightful read! So much truth as well.


Thank you very much. Glad it delighted you. Please spread the word.


Thanks a lot. Please spread the idea.

Yes steemit has the potential and you're doing great to let the people know it :)


Thanks. When I saw the opportunity, I wanted to share it al across Pakistan. You'll see a post about this soon.

Yes I agree and Steemit has the potential to do

@ilyastara bahi superb ideas and upvoted


Thank you very much!

This is a really great idea and one I can see happening soon.


Thank you. I wish it happens sooner than later.