How To Succeed on STEEMIT - Quick Guide For BEGINNERS !

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Welcome to steemit!

Are you lost, confused?


So you joined Steemit hoping to make 100$ out of every post you publish.


But you're immediately left disappointed when your first post goes unnoticed, and the subsequent posts earn only a few cents each.

Well, it's a rude shock isn't it?

However it's also an important wake-up call because Steemit is not a get rich scheme, it's a social media site that pays.

You definitely need to put in some effort to learn about the workings of the site.

And your hard work will definitely reap you benefits one day. Because it's a reciprocal relationship - the community grows you grow and vice versa.

From what I've learned, here are a few quick steps for you to get started and succeed on Steemt:

1. Be consistent

As I mentioned in my previous article, consistency is the key to success on Steemit, so you need to stick with it to see the long term benefits.

And to know why steemit is the right place to be right now, you need to read this article by @timcliff

2. Curate

You might not be able to post everyday, yet you can curate content which is as important as sharing awesome stories.

Read the guide to maximizing your curation rewards by @liberosist to undersatand more about curation.

3. Interact

Comment, chat and engage with the community.

Even if you have amazing content, it would be like a undiscovered star in the universe if nobody finds it. Well, technically it will be discovered one day, but you can help hasten the process.

Steemit Chat is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals.

4. Be Original

Plagiarism is frowned upon, and originality is encouraged.

Be yourself, be happy and spread the love. The community is all about caring for each other, so don't worry if you don't see the love yet - it will come knocking on your door pretty soon.

5. Follow

Don't just try to blindly increase your follower count, go out there and follow some awesome people who share interesting stuff and offer tips/suggestions for people new to the site. To name a few, in no particular order:

@trafalgar - humorous, jovial guy who brightens up your mood with his witty posts

@papa-pepper - always sharing useful, informative tips in his posts/videos and he also organizes amazing contests

@kaylinart - her blog is full of content, and you can keep reading all day

And several other helpful, kindhearted folks who go to lengths to make newbies feel welcome like @cassidyandfranks @surpassinggoogle @thecryptofiend @acidyo @doitvoluntarily @pfunk @kus-knee @razvanelulmarin @aggroed

Hope you enjoyed reading! Steem on!

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I guess the old adage of nothing that comes easy being worthwhile is true :-)


it's always the rewards earned with hard work and effort that mean more! thanks for reading :)


datz tru cuz if dey had a site wea u cud fleek insta grip wit da push up a bu'n, sum1 w'uv still hat to pu'in da werk 2 make it possible. Like dis site

You're One of Da Ones I Love ta follow!

Thanks for your tips
Will be helpful to keep going on
Now i introduce steemit to korean people
10 people at least a day
And also an old customer


great going @newgaia , keep up the good work and happy steeming! glad you liked the article.

Nice guide ! Thanks for posting this .
I think maybe investing in steem power on the site is the right thing . We support the site that support us . And we will have a boost with this .


Lovely comment! Only logical!


thank you , glad you liked it. sure, you could & you always have the option to write and curate to earn more steem for free. stick around long term. steemit is beautiful :)


Steem power?

Thank you so much for your help.

I will try to be more consistent with my blog!


Yep and i can always help. You can always reach me on chat!


Thanks, and keep with it :)

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Nice guide you have here...hoping to apply it....^_^ keep sharing mate...

thank you so much for the content:-)


glad you liked it, thanks!

you got most of them :) but there are many people to follow, that's why I try to ask what people are interested in :) Still great art is great art :)

Giving you a follow :) Cheers :)

Very good post :)


thanks. glad you enjoyed it. happy steeming!


Happy steemit you too :)

Very Helpful :) Thank you Following you :)


thanks. glad you enjoyed it. happy steeming!

These articles are worth resteeming.


thanks. glad you enjoyed it. happy steeming!

thanks @igsamuel,just joined recently,and am just laying low for now looking on to you guys the "ejenla" big fish as the yerubas calls it here in Nigeria. i will be following you,feel free to drop your advice for me you said,what i need now is to follow and be followed. once again thanks for your post.

Good points to keep an aye on ..


thanks. glad you enjoyed it. happy steeming!

As someone who joined Steemit a month ago, I appreciate this type of posts. Do you mind if I translate it into spanish?


@josuepalacios yes you can, but please do link back to the original article! thanks :)


Cool, thank you, I'll make sure to credit you.

Thanks for the mention @igsamuel

Very Useful Guide for Newcomers/Beginners...Resteem...

You have been PROMOTED FREE for using the "faq" TAG (hashtag)


thank you very much @cassidyandfranks , means a lot!


My pleasure @igsamuel


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Thanks for the links that complement your article. Helped me to follow successfull bloggers!


yes, it is essential to learn from the best. happy steeming!

Awesome information. I'm still a newbie, and this was really helpful in learning best practice, as well as affirming that I just MIGHT be doing something right so far! I look forward to showering the good content I find with upvotes, and POWERING UP to express my approvals even more.

Having worked in marketing for a few years has taught me that content is king. It must be shareable and unique! People must feel like they get something out of it, not just a mindless read. And it's even better if the design is nice.

Cheers everybody!

cool guide ..thanks for the information


thanks. glad you enjoyed it. happy steeming!

Thank you for the tips.


glad you enjoyed it. happy steeming!

Thanks for the tips,im still learning this amazing social network


welcome aboard, and always feel free to ask around. happy steeming!

haha thanks a lot for the mention, honored :)


@trafalgar thank you , the honor is all but mine :)

Thanks very helpful


glad you enjoyed it. happy steeming!


Cheers mate

Thank you for this very informative article @igsamuel. Really a great help for a newbie like me.

Awesome suggestions. $100 would be too much for me. I only hope to make $3 dollars for a cheeseburger.


very funny.

Thanks!! Great tips for this newbie!!

very nice bro, follow me :)

Concise and to the point. Thanks for putting this body of work out in the Steemit-verse. $PEACE:!

Thank you this information is very usefull and helpfull

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Thanks. Nice post

Thanks for taking the time to write this post!

I'm an author and have written many blog articles. However, I'm new to Steemit and this article is very well done. I will definitely use as much of it as I can in an effort to build my presence on Steemit!

Thanks for the tips. I never expected it to be as easy as post something and get a hundred dollars! everything is a process and I really enjoy Steem so far. thanks again for the advice :)

Such a valuable post! Thank you for the game-changing tips that will help me get started on steemit.


Glad you found it useful!

i am new here and really needed to read that, thank you

This is my first day on Steemit. Thanks for these tips. I look forward to getting involved. Hey everybody!

Thank you so much for the quick guide about steemit. It would be great if you could also explained about curation rewards so that beginners like us would learn more.cheers.

Great tips... thank you. Page 1 on google so you are doing something right! :)


Thanks, welcome to steemit and wishing you much success...

Good advice. I like the ease of posting, and use of the site in general. I'm hoping it stays fun.

Definitely not a get rich scheme

Thank you for posting this article, Steemit seems a little complicated at first but these guides help! :)