Who are the most powerful or richest users on steemit? Check the list to see their power!

in steemit •  3 years ago 

Who are the most powerful persons in our community with the most steem powers?

I was curious about how great their power could be. So I tried to find them out. Here comes the result.

Following is a list of richest users in out community as far as I know. I sorted it by the amount of steem power in descending order.


The data was collected at about 2016-7-15 10:40:00 UTC as of the time writing.

If you know someone else is as rich as the aboving guys, think to append them in the comment.

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The richest and most powerful persons is YOU (and every other active user of the platform).

Those names you list have their so-called 'riches' locked in the platform. Getting it out is wholly dependent on you buying into STEEM/ Steemit as the next big social media platform. You hold the key to their fortunes.