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This is it, everyone! We are officially the survivors. We have stuck it out with Steem while it has fallen less than one dollar per steem! Congratulations on being a true Steemian!


How do we capitalize off of such a victory?

First: realize that Steem is going to go back up.

Second: realize that only true Steemians are left. Been thinking about adding only true active Steemians to your follow list? Now is the time to accurately make that happen. Only the best for my list!

Third: get that Steem Power rocking! Lot's of people WISH they had bitcoins before bitcoins were 11k a piece. Lot's of people wished they had lots of Steem Power when steem was 8 dollars a steem. @Sunshinebear and myself are setting our posts to 100% steem power to maximize this opportunity!

Just hang in there! It's always darkest before dawn and we will be able to embrace the morning sun!



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