Introducing SteemCollege

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It's finally here! We're introducing the missing puzzle piece to Steemit's social media formula.


Hey Steemians,

Today is the long awaited day!

We're excited to announce the launch of @steemcollege! Iris and I have been talking about this since stumbling upon Steemit 2 months ago.

We thought, well...

"Steemit is a social media platform after all and it's not really complete without the defining college students that thrive on these platforms." - Iris

The purpose of creating @SteemCollege is to grow the Steemit community while providing a safe haven for college students to meet, chat and enjoy good company. We will be using this project to introduce college students to the Steemit world, educating and providing resources to make their start on this platform super simple and easy.

Each post will host its own college campus, serving kind of like a chatroom. We're starting out at the University of California, Los Angeles. If you know of anyone at UCLA who should be on Steemit already this is the place to send them!

It's already up and running, check it out * (Powered by Steemit)

Here's our plan

We have a fun event planned for next week on the UCLA campus. With this event, we hope to get the attention of UCLA students and invite them to join the Steemit community.

Don't worry we won't stop at just UCLA! We plan on hitting many popular college campuses across the nation inviting each to join us one by one, once the UCLA community is self-sustainable.

Send us your suggestions and opinions below. Any bit of advice helps on how we can help grow this community!


robert chen icon.png Rob Chen, CEO


cool, this site is perfect for college and university students.

Thanks @whatageek, we're simply setting the stage right now. Stay tuned for the launch event that's happening next week on campus! We'll be posting about it :)

Hey guys, great initiative. I am myself a student at Imperial College London who invested everything I had in steem back when the price was way lower.
As a student, I feel concerned with this project. Anyway I can help ?
Cheers :)

Hey @marc99 thank you, I appreciate that! Just by being active and bringing your friends to Steemit is already plenty help! :D

We'll be posting more about our initiatives and expansion, so we'll keep you posted and keep in touch!


I'm curious, what was your thought process to linking to Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan, I was just curious about your reasoning. I'm always inclined to point newbies at the main Steemit site until they get their feet wet.

Thanks for the feedback @rantar! We feel that's interface is more intuitive for college students since it's so similar to Facebook. That way they are more inclined to sign up and join the Steemit community.


I agree with you,'s interface is more intuitive. Good luck. I work right by the University of Oregon Campus, so if you ever head up this way and need a little local help let me know.

Cool, thanks for the offer! It'd be nice to meet you and my team would appreciate the help :)


Will steemcollege be limited to the US?

@badmusgreene Thank you for asking! We're going to work our way across the US before expanding globally


I think its a great idea. College students should be at the cutting edge of trends. So many time they graduate and have no clue what they will be doing with their lives. So by doing this, they have a chance to get into something that they can link their college experience to an become better at selling themselves in interviews and in life in general. Thanks

@jackie2017 Yes that's the goal! Good communication goes a long way!


This is a great idea! I'm no longer in college but I'd like to join. And it happens to be that I studied in a Venezuelan University with the same initials UCLA but different meaning. Can I join?

Thanks @cristiancaicedo! :)

That's really cool that they have the same acronym! But let's keep that space exclusively for the University of California, Los Angeles students.

If you'd like be a part of our community, you can check in here on @hyperfundit. Our team will be writing about tips and techniques to improve your experience and engagement on Steemit.

Stay tuned, we may have something even better for you soon! ;)


Great ❤️

I follow you follow me please. And I upvote you everyday.
Last upvote here:
I check the comments.

Am in love with your post and honestly speaking cos of this post i will follow you hence. Please keep it up

Thanks @emrmanuel! We've got a ton of projects lined up so you won't be disappointed! :)


It's a cool idea

Thanks for the support @khriyad!


Great idea @hyperfundit.
My son is a computer science major in college currently and I've been trying to get him involved in steemit knowing it would probably take root and spread in his group.

Thanks @bluehorseshoe! :) I'm thinking if more college students hop on Steemit, he'll do it without you even asking


Excellent project In truth it is a very ambitious alternative that will begin to bear fruit sooner rather than later, because the university community has much to contribute to the growth of this great social network.

I am an academic and a master student, I would like to contribute with your project from my possibilities. Congratulations hyperfundit and Iris

Taking advantage of the occasion, I want to ask how is the mechanism for to recognize and vote the posts, because I have edited my posts from the platform and do not vote for my publication, although he says he will do it if I edit and publish it from that platform. I appreciate your reason ...

@ulisesfl17 I totally agree, the university networks would help Steemit grow at a much faster rate than it has been.

Thanks for the kind offer, my team would be happy if you'd follow along our journey in reaching thousands of students in the next few months :D

As for, there hasn't been any issues since we've been using it; but the main reason why we chose to use is because it's more intuitive and welcoming for the college demographic, hence increasing the odds that they would sign up and participate in the Steemit community.

Great input! :)


What a good comment. I will be aware of the project and I will invite all the university students that I know.

I'm following you...

Thanks @ulisesfl17, yes let us help grow Steemit to best of our abilities!

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I am also making tutorial videos for steemians to improve their usability. College idea seems very interesting. Merger of this college with basic visual presentations of mine will help it

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