Return from Hiatus!

in steemit •  2 years ago

My return from Hiatus!

There's been a whole lot going on in my life here lately. I had a little girl in September, got a new job working in a new field in December, it's a brand new world for me in my life.

The world of decentralized systems is growing into an unstoppable force.

And I couldn't be more excited; there are many very bright minds involved in growing this ecosystem into something sustainable and tangible. I Look forward to posting more on here and hope to be welcomed back into this wonderful community!

Particularly excited about these projects

There are just so many great things going on in this space, I cant wait to reflect back on this fast changing time and be able to utilize these fantastic technologies.

Thanks guys!

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Welcome back and congrats on the baby :-)


Thank you! It's a huuuge life change :)


but soo fun. Document it all and keep laughing! Mine are grown now- I laugh more than ever :-)


yes; it's so easy in todays age to document eeeeverything. I have a network attached storage just to upload all my pictures from my phone because I run out of space weekly hahah!

Congratulations on the job and new addition to your family! First year's a fun one once you get past the sleep deprivation. LOL

I just saw the video on BAT. WOW, that is really very cool and I subscribed for updates on their launch. Advertising as we know it is going to fall on its ear! I'll take a look at the other links in a bit.

I'm still a crypto noob but I am jumping in with two feet! Would love for you to read the VIVA whitepapers and give your thoughts on the ecosystem we're building there. FYI - the link is my referral link for a chance to win a Crown.