Another off the cuff steemit improvement idea while driving

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In addition to the Trending have an article listing effectively "Not Trending". Maybe low votes, author low rep, new author or low post count, or authors with little following, some combination of the above or something else entirely. Or just make an ascending and descending arrow for current lists. This way if I want I can see a list with a focus on the underdogs, minnows, undiscovered, etc.

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Idea 2: Curators to vote with whatever percent of the voting power they have remaining. All in one vote with the proportional recovery if they choose. Minnows instantly have more power in a single act albeit at the sacrifice of frequency.



Interesting idea. It would certainly be worth a trial run you would think while SteemIt is in beta.

Everybody likes a winner, but having an underdogs list of non-trending posts may work too. Again, possibly worth a trial run.

Steem on,

Good idea? Bad idea? Let's get some feedback up in here!

speaking of which is there an official 'tag' where users can post 'feedback' ?
that just seems to make sense that there should be - but i couldn't find it.

I support your idea number one. This will give the ability to easily locate undiscovered talents.
Regarding the idea number two. Do I understand that you have to offer? Every vote for the user posts gradually recovers its voting power. Here I mostly agree.

For #2 what I mean is the whole shibang, all my voting power for all at once... 100%. Like if I tried to immediately upvote something else that vote would count zero

My thoughts are it's good perhaps for finding content (for a casual user) - but then if i was to just keep an eye on 'new' i would find all content.

As a rule the 'value' of voting on these sites is low (if you think logically about it)
it's not about the votes it's about decentralization so as long as i (and i assume others) can find people to 'follow' i don't think anyone meaningfully cares about the 'front page' or the 'popular' things.

To be clear what i'm saying is sites like this are about 'communities' the idea that users can find and follow people that post things of interest to them and mute or block shills and 'NSA' corp spammers.

That this content possibly can't be fucked with by various Corp, Gov and agency shills alone gives the project a lot of promise.