Putting 4,500 Steem Power Where It Belongs + Live Drawing Details

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Live Drawing Info

Date: Sunday, July 22, 2018

Start Time: 12:00 PM CDT

*If you're not sure what time this is in your local time zone, convert your time here 

Stream Location: DLive 

*My DLive profile link- https://dlive.io/@humanearl 

Is Your Name In The Case?!?!


How will the 4,500 SP be delegated? 

Here's the good stuff + the details of how this will work.   

  • 20 people from my list of 40 people will be drawn at random to receive delegations for an entire month
  • The last person drawn will win a bonus of at least a double delegation
  • Whoever doesn't win during the drawing will automatically take part in receiving delegations the following month
  • I will run the drawing every 2 months to decide who wins the delegations

It seems just like yesterday that I started the first Live Drawing. I love giving back and seeing other be empowered to go out and make a difference. I wish everyone well. Peace. 

 *Please Resteem This!* 

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One of the greatest news and this might be a kind of great offer to motivate the community! Thank you bro!


Can i win fot the second time???

I have a family reunion tomorrow, so I won't be around, but I hope the drawing goes really well.

Congrats in advance to all the winners. Use these generous delegations wisely. :)

I hope I will win delegation first round :D

Honestly Earl, this was the coolest vide I have seen in a long time regarding generosity. Besides that, its a killer networking move.

Sadly, you had some issues as you already wrote in the titles.

Must be annoying to you, but well, this is just how it is when we experiment, I guess this was your first DLive stream (which I haven't done yet) and the technical difficulties happened because it was simply your first time.

So, I don't know if you already recognized the problems, but I will point them out in case you haven't realized: There are two audios playing at the same time, sometimes it just stops and at the end its just gone.

Besides that, people have to go to your DLive profile to find the video, you can just link to it here in your post.

Anyway, this was still a killer move and I like how you setup everything in your stream, the suitcase, the microphone, the greenscreen, it was very well done and I believe with more practice you will do very very good livestreams in the future.

You are still my favorite Steemian bro and a mentor. Your generosity and experiments on Steem always inspire me.

I hope someday, when Steem & SBD is worth more and I got the money that I need to live the simple life I want that I can give back to you in the form of a 50K SP delegation or just 1000SBD or more.

I will never forget how you helped me in the beginning and how much you still help me (the steemschool link, giving me mentions in your articles and videos, and even giving me free SP in the form of delegations and constant upvotes).

A message to the people: Humanearl is here longer than I am and he has done more than I did, in my definition he is a solid man and he is a good person to invest some Steem power in! So if you have some SP to give away, then Humanearl is a very good person to support!

I will lead by example and give you 100SP right now buddy and ramp my autoupvote up to 100%.

Let me go and pray then..... My name shall be on the list! Lol

Hi. %5 upvoted. if you send 0.05 sbd %100 vote and resteem (2740 Followers) Manuel upvote.

It really nice giving back to the community. I didn't know if am qualified but if yes I hope I get lucky to get drawn.

Wow! What an amazing way of giving back to ones community @humanearl, i heart you big time bruv. you're doing a tremendous job well done 👏👏

Wow, this is great of you. I hope I make the list

Thank you. I love your big heart.

Your human development attitude is worthy of emulation, you a good leader by example. Best of luck to winners and me too if i happened to be among. Thank you for been good success is your all through.

Can i win ever. is there any other specific criteria to win delegated sp. One thing is sure that you are a noble person.