Steemit out of BETA phase

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Currently , we have our great website still in the BETA stage, however i would like to ask a question, how long will it take for developers to launch a full version?

A good question indeed. The answers may be different for each person , however i think that we have some fundamental questions , and thanks to answering them, we can get slighlty closer to the real launch date.

First of all, steemit MUST be stable. We cannot see bugs that won't allow us to use steemit , so they need to work on it, because im having some from time to time.

Also, we need to have a stable community- we need algorithms, bots etc. to erase plagiarism,copy-paste publishers and system abusers.
We need moderators too- machine is not perfect, im sure that it won't work 100% correct, and that is the reason for more human employees: to get rid of hate and envy on steem.

Another important factor that affects real launch date, is popularity of steemit- we won't see steemit out of beta if there will be not enough people over here, however i think that this problem is already solved because there is no easier way to monetize your content than in steemit, so people will surely invade our network.

No matter what, dont be sad: steemit is evolving , and developers are still making it better and better , they have just implemented an update which ( at least for me ) was a very good one, many problems solved.

I expect the end of beta for steemit in 2-3 months , but i dont think that our community would be ready to get it earlier- we need some hard work here , many tests , simulations etc. We still dont know how it is going to work in full version.

But it is only my opinion, time may proove me wrong, but im more interested what our community thinks about release date , share your insights please ;)


I would tend to think the rating system will handle a lot of this for us. I would hate to see anything additional (algorithms, bots etc) used to achieve this end. People can police people and we already have these tools to use. Wouldn't it be possible for a new user to get flagged somehow if they borrowed a picture of a place (not a person) and while you or I might fight to maintain our reputation a new user may just as likely go back to.... any of the other choices. I would like to see an option where people could fully verify their account through the site..... be it steemit or third party. Something that removes all question as to wether the person is who they say they are. Even that as a voluntary thing.

I think that it would be pretty fun to not have any kind of automated activity here, only human moderators, i think that would be pretty nice too :)

I agree, Just when I think of the bots intended to post copied material and such. Seems there could be a place for them.

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