SBD Downtrend

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As everybody can see, currently we have our Steem Dollar in downtrend.
The price of SBD is kind of low now, what is pretty annoying for all steemit content-writers, when we are monetizing our content.

However i would like to talk about STEEMPOWER right now.
When once i got some hit from the big player over here, i was happy of course. I decided to keep my steemit account rolling on, so i was hoping to get big returns from STEEMITPOWER.

I had about 460$ in steempower then, but it was slighlty before SBD had a price of 0.0018.

Currently i have around 360$ in steempower.
Conclusion would be that i have lost 100$ because of SBD price getting decreased, but then i had one interesting thought:
Everyday now, we see more and more people on Steemit, community is growing and many users are encouraging others to get into steem. But SBD price falls , and looks like the same thing is happening with STEEMPOWER.
Or maybe it is just temporary?


Well...The first thing is to understand why your price is going down ?

If to many people use STEEMIT and make the Steem Dollar going down, it's also mean that you make money through it somehow.

If your place is making a great deal of traffic, you should be abble to making money by selling the traffic (somehow).

I find really hard to believe that you have ton of people here and you make no money ?


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