Holding Steem tokens, or POWER UP your account?

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Steem is a tradeable token, which you can get in process called powering-down: You change your vests (called also STEEM POWER) into tokens, which you can transfer, or convert into SBD at any time.
Obviously, there is a whole market of Steem tokens, so price is different every day.

I would like to ask everybody a question- Is it worth to hold Steem tokens?

An interesting question indeed. The thing is that these tokens are really hard to hold, in terms of profiting: It is tough to predict is their will go down, or up.
It is all about steemit popularity, amount of sellers and buyers, and daily market situation overrall.

But currently im powering down, to get some of my vest transferred into bitcoin.
That made up me a question: I get some Steem tokens every week, so why the hell would I sell them every week?
I probably would make better profit, on holding them when i gather a big amount and the price will be good.

Steemit is really big already- we have over 60000 users here, and the number is still growing!

That is a very important thing, because every smart trader, remembers that if something gets more popular- it price will probably go up, because more and more people wants to get a piece of it, right?

That is why Im trying to convince YOU to not convert them so fast- gather more, believe in Steemit and it's community: and the profit out of powering down may be really big!

However for all people that want to make their account worth more, simply by powering it up: I suggest you doing it as soon as possible, because Steem token is still cheap- You will regret it one day, because it's price will increase: and the power-up will simply cost more.

STEEM POWER is nothing more, but an investment. An investment, which can yield great profits over the long haul:
Currently, it is at decent price, it does not cost so much to get a lot of it.
In few months, STEEM POWER will be much more expensive, and investing in it won't bring you something big- because it would be already too late.

POWER UP now, when you still can do it on good terms! It might be just simply too late, because steemit is under SIEGE!


If you believe in steemit the best choice now is to power up in my humble opinion.

That is very true.
This it best possible time to power-up your account- STEEM POWER is cheap currently, it does not take so much funds to get your account big.
But it is a sure thing that Steemit is going to be bigger- that is why Steem Power is a great investment, which can yield good returns.

Can I power up by buying Steem with Bitcoin? or does the Steem have to be earned. I would like to power up instead of cash out right now.

No @rangertx, you can buy Steem tokens with bitcoins, and then convert them in process called powering up.
All you gotta do, is buy some Steem tokens, and as soon as you have them on your account- you can get your account stronger,by adding it more VESTS ( STEEM POWER )

You can power up with either bitcoin or ethereum

Treat it as an investment or potential investment.

If you truly believe in the platform and its future then invest and hold.
If you want to cash out and you have a decent amount then you can power down.

I read many article about steemit here and there. Unbelievable for me. It's a another great way to make money. Very powerful steemit.

Correct me if I'm wrong but, I just realized something from another post today. If you power down your interest on steem power will grow faster than your power down of 1/104th per week. Therefore, you will keep the same amount of steem power but give your self steem every week. This can either be put back into steem power immediately or transferred to steem dollars.

I had about 380 steem power last week. This week I have 417. I had a little bit of curation and a small bit of an author reward but for the most part, this is just an increase from the interest I'm assuming. I hit power down and now I will transfer 3.99 steem power into steem every week for 2 years. If the value of steem power takes a drop, you can easily buy more instantly, if not just hold it as steem dollars until it does. It's easier to get out that way.

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