What have I missed on Steemit?

in steemit •  last year  (edited)

Took a wee break from Steemit as I just wasn't feeling it. I had become overly frustrated with the spamming and the plagiarism and I was no longer enjoying the experience.

So, I went away and wasn't sure if I would come back, especially with my up vote now being so low (only $0.03)

But, I missed Steemit and in reality, were Twitter, Instagram and Facebook any better?

I missed many of the genuinely good natured and supportive creators

I missed the challenge of creating content and the opportunity to read, watch and listen to new content

So, I am back and I will do what I can to contribute positively to Steemit

In the meantime, what posts in health, fitness, engagement and travel (but not limited) would you suggest I restart my time with Steemit (and no posting your own links lol) and are there any new Steemians that I should follow?

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So, I am back and I will do what I can to contribute positively to Steemit

That's the spirit, buddy.

I agree, Steemit can be frustrating at times, but so can be most of the internet outlets. Sometimes I have to remind myself to keep my eye on the doughnut and not on the hole. Just do the same :)​

Have you done yoga?


Yoga is an activity that I love and do far too little of. So, yes, if any great content or content creators on Steemit, please direct me to them

You are right about steemit being swarmed with spammers.. i am getting sick of this. This platform is turning into a selfish business , where the engagement has just died.. i am trying to keep up but steemit is is really getting on my nerves now..


Disappointing to hear that it has possibly got worse. Maybe those of us that are trying to create original and engaging material can support each other? Showcase what is still great about Steemit


Yes we can.. you and i are still here. Aren’t we. ? :)