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Oh no! What's happening, my friend Howie?

Got a lot of problems now a days, my friend... having trouble with finances, now I am currently searching for some online jobs...

Sorry to hear about your problems. :( I was hoping that you were busy and doing well with the canteen and your day job.

If you're looking for online jobs, there is a site I like a lot, where people talk about their experiences with online jobs and all kinds of work-at-home jobs. It's called WAHM.

It stands for Work At Home Moms, but they are not all moms. :) There are all kinds of people there, and you can learn about what jobs are good and which are scams, because sadly there are lots of scams out there. If they want money from you, it's probably a scam!

If you want to tell me anything more about what you're looking for, or anything, you can always talk to me! I'm on discord or you could always email me at kenny [at]

I hope all your problems go away soon! Wishing you all the best! :)