Mysterious bot "livingfree"

in steemit •  2 years ago  (edited)

I noticed the bot @livingfree on Steemit. As I understand it, he's doing upvote indiscriminately, but to stumble upon him to follow my posts. Who knows who he is @livingfree ? What you need to do for this? Can pay? I think this post will also be of interest to those who pay attention to him and not understand his actions. Help to understand the principle of this strange bot @livingfree ! Thank You!

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Don't know that he is only a bot. Here is his introduction post. It looks like he is trying to support himself while travelling and uses a bot to upvote as much as possible from the people that he likes, to maximise his curation.

I assumed it was a bot. On Steemit also say that it is a bot. And I think the person is not deliberately decreased your Voting Power up to 16%. Voting for days...

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