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I dreamed of riches, no, I didn't think about the millions of dollars. I was thinking about the money that will make me happy, and it's not millions of dollars! I dreamed about the business which I to give an income with which I will feel comfortable. I never would have thought I'd meet such a system as "#blockchain". Which changed my opinions about wealth and life. I'm currently not a millionaire, but this feeling deep down. Yes! I boldly say this because I started to learn the world and the world of exchange where you can earn! And of course not without the help of friends! @rockz Yes! Thank you for your post! You know what this man got!? He turned several thousand dollars into half a million! This is good! Isn't it!? View his posts necessarily, it is a very interesting person! It was his last post inspired me to become rich! You are probably laughing right now!? But I will soon prove that this is possible, and people like @rockz and soon to be me! Inspire us to the top of the wealth! Success!
What I realized in 2 months to Steemit?
The support of friends and their advice is very expensive and need to listen to them!
Go forward and set goals!
Thanks for attention to my post! I am very grateful to You!

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Thank you friend!

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yeeeehhh, give some votes! haha

Thank you))

I think a lot of it for the beginners, like me, is learning HOW to grow correctly here. I have been here for 10 days and it JUST started to click for me today.

I also agree that the community here is great once you learn how to utilize it.

Best of luck on Steemit! Thank you!

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good luck always,,,hahahaha @hotrix i follow you,i hope you follow me too

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