We deserve this!

in steemit •  18 days ago

STEEM is a great platform, blockchain and community. any of these words, can make a brand, a trend and can make a name worthy. STEEM has all!


STEEM had a reasonable seed in the Cryto market regarding its total capital, mostly referred to coinmarketcap.com website. We were talking about when and how it will move up to the top 10 or five, but several technical and financial mistakes made it lose gain and felt below many other coins, which were far behind in many ways.

It's a month or so, which we are again talking business in STEEM chart:


I always compare STEEM with ETH, since it's the reference for platform builders and it's the second regarding its market cap. This is a good sign, STEEM will be back to seed 20-25 soon, fingers crossed.

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steem is on fire. now steem at 3 th rank on coinmarketcap. ♥


i hope for top 20 in the 2nd quarter of 2019