go to wallet page and retry

it is just spinning over and over. I am afraid to close it.

Do you use Steem Keychain when you are on the steemwallet?

Log out of the Steem wallet and log in again without the Steem Keychain
Then you will register your TRX account and get the keys in PDF format

that worked.
now it says "update tron account" do i need to do that???
also rewards are not claiming

It's a browser problem, I had the same problem with firefox & Chrome... everything worked well in the Brave Browser...

press vote


connect wallet



TRON Private Key
after importing the wallet


Hold your mouse over the red text and you will get the wallet menu


I've made it to tronscan and connected the wallet. I've also tried three browsers, logged in with my posting key instead of keychain. It still won't claim my trx, and my trades on the internal market keep disappearing and then reappearing. ... Some kinks to work out for some, so keep working!

click on update THE TRON ACCOUNT so that you can keys located on the PDF file

Is anything changed in the way to connect wallet? When i click on "connect wallet", then i can choose only "tronlink" or "ledger". I can't "import wallet"?!


if you do not do any claim operation after create Tron account, then update account is Ok.

It is just spinning
Over and over. I am
Afraid to close it.

                 - holybread

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You can retry but you need to login without a keychain extension, directly with the active key.

Hey! you have to open steemitwallet with your steemit key, do not open it with the keychain. Then it will appear the message to create your new TRX wallet. It worked for me :D

Thanks a lot this worked!

creating the wallet does not seem to work in firefox+keychain
the result will be endless spinning circle, for some reason

You need to login without a keychain extension, directly with the active key.

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