0.67 steem price. Daaamn

in steemit •  3 months ago

Does anyone have some spare pennies? I would like to join this grant sale! I pay you back in a year, promise!

Jokes aside, if you know what steem is and know what value it could contain in its future, probably you should start keeping an eye on these low prices. Maybe it hits lower, who knows... But I would say just the fact we now can once against getting steem for under a dollar is, well, great?

Who cares where the price is now, it is the future that matters!

I know, it may sound optimistic or even naive in these dark days of the bear market. But think about this for a moment... I remember when last time we had these so-called "dark days" I brought some steem for under 1 dollar and Wollah! a few months later they went to 8 dollars!

I was hitting myself in the head "Why didn't I buy more?!" but I think no matter how much I brought, I would still sit with that feeling.

It is FOMO time guys!

When people are FUD'ing, I am FOMO'ing. Go against the crowd and the reward will come your way. There's no need to be greedy here. It does not matter if you catch this steem for 0.70 cents or 0.60 cents. It is better to be early on the FOMO than other people. (Not too early though) But we are quite far in and everything is oversold.

If you have some spare pennies in the piggy bank, do yourself a favor and buy some within the next week. If not, give it to me I will pay you back plus 10%. :)

No, but for real, if you don't think starting stacking a little now is a good idea, then I don't know when.


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Honestly, I dont really know what to think about the current situation on the crypto market. While BTC seems to be still relatively stable (currently at about 6,300 USD), most altcoins icnluding Steem keep reaching new (lets say modern) lows almost every day... I would say 0.6 is disturbingly close to zero for my liking :/


It's a tough time for us. But have faith brother! We won't go to zero. That would be unimaginable! Surely the high numbers are great and they will come back eventually! Some bear markets have lasted longer than the one we are in now!

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Hey there guys, I know what you mean. Nothinging like seeing my stemit earnings take a 95% hit from their highs. ugggg. Many alt coins will go bust.....will steemit too? Possibly....would suck big time. Hate to see steemit just....go away. Will be interesting to hear Ned and the BIGS talking at steemfest in a couple months. I'll keep you posted on their insights as I'll be there, but I'm afraid it will be endless cheerleading which will not mean much.

All right, it remains to find piggy banks

I'm so so tempted, but whenever I get some, the next day it's down some more..., soon enough I'll bite the bullet.


Yeah I know the feeling man. It's always hard to catch the falling knife :)

The prices are extremely low. Payday is Friday but if I'm to complete my 6 month emergency fund I should probably not touch any funds until late October. This is a very sweet spot though.

I will need to sell my Steem so that I have $$$$ to buy Steem

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I could sell some Ethereum and Litecoin to buy Steem but they are almost as low

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Yeah maybe smarter to hold on other coins in case some of them rises before steem:)

I would like to pose the question as to whether Steem as a Utility token can be discussed at all in speculative terms ? Can it, should it have massive swings in value? If it does, what happens to the Utility aspect? perhaps there are good articles out there digging into the dynamics of that ?


Well! The massive price swings comes mostly because the world have not quite decided what it is worth. So steem among all other cryptos are having quite some roller-coasters. When enough money are flowing into the market the prices will stabilize. At least that's my knowledge. It. could take years though!

Always love these kind of Fomo when i have spare USD as this is the time everyone should invest only wise people ;)

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