Steemit's AppBase is ready for testing. [Under the hood changes]

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Steemit has released AppBase and is ready to test it on large scale. These changes are 'under the hood' to make steemit easier to code for, and also faster.


That article was sick today! I dropped them a comment and showed my support! Looking forward to big things in 2018 with STEEM! :-)

It's really great to see an active team. I logged on to the staging server and it works just fine

Awesome! Super excited what side chains are going to develop! Thanks for your post!!

Very cool, more good news for the Steemit community!

I’ll definitelt help them test this out and put some load on the new system. The article says is just as secure as the actual Steemit, so there should be no security concerns.

Making a robust and fast blockchain even more flexible is icing on the cake. I’m happy to be a part of this technology and community. Exciting.

Thanks for sharing!

This is the first time I'm hearing about this. I'm just about to get my degree in Computer Science, and enjoy coding. Gonna have to check this

After skimming the article I'm actually still not sure what it really entails.

What is steemitstage? I'm thinking its a clone of steemit that is being tested?

steemitstage is pretty much a clone but with the new updates baked in. Once it's finished testing, it'll move to I already logged on and tested it, and it works fine.

The changes enable steemit to run faster and also do some processes in parallel.

Oh thats awesome. Yeah I figured it was a clone since it seemed like it was exactly the same, but a different domain. It would be pretty cool to eventually develop a service for steemit.

Steemit just gets better and better! Thank you very much for sharing this great news! I appreciate it immensely! Thanks Again! I'm proudly resteeming, upvoting, commenting and following! I more than look forward to your posts! @hitwill :)

Thanks @hitwill, It is a great news for developers like me.

Yeah, This defines that the future of Steem blockchain is very bright.

I'm a full stack developer. I design and develop web applications.

Thanks a lot for the info man, I didn't even knew that there's something like this, I hope you post more about AppBase because it sounds interesting.
Please keep us updated.

This is a fabulous update! Looking forward to a Cambrian era grade of innovation by developers.

hi friends @hitwill i am very happy with you issuing post about steemit database expenditure maybe this app is very useful for the stemian world

It sounded to me this is something to help with the expansion of steemit after reading the appbase article he linked. Alright, alright, alright.....

Great! Thats a good news for steemit community. Thanks for your post.

Yes, you can get notified
Steem is making giant strides and leading the social network.
Steemit , which is even more popular, will improve itself.
Thanks for information..

Steemit is doing really good things. In the coming days we will be recognized more as a steemite family. everything to protect the family :)

Oh really, It's a good news for us. I hope testing will be succeeded and we are going to get working appbase which will do easy and faster to our steemit life. Thank you for sharing with us.

Thank you for sharing this! Looking forward for the betterment of this platform. :-)

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I'm sorry but my comment is not relevant to this post but i wanted to ask you on your previous post... what do you suggest to hold sbd or steem?

I personally prefer to hold STEEM instead of SBD. However, you can choose to get payed in SBD, then sell it on bittrex for BTC, and use that to get STEEM. See here

You’re smart for holding STEEM instead of SBD. I said the same thing on one of my posts a few days ago. I did catch some heat for that, but I still believe it to be the right play. I use my 50% SBDs on Friday to buy Bitcoin 25% fiat and 25% Steem Power! SBDs are great to buy some Bitcoin!!

Why they have declined their payment?
It is a great initiative to make this community more valuable.

Is the first time i hear about AppBase, i m excitng how it will be, thank you for share

That's really great! Gonna check it out right now to see what's up :)

Nice good ! Hitwill

I am interested to learn basic coding for steem. Is this appbase a good way to start? What language is used to code for steem?
I do hope you can guide me on this and if possible give some examples.

I hpoe that steemit is a very interesing . social media... I lke the steemir and steemit users but... I am a new in steemit that's my problem... can you help me please

Amazing... Testing is ready!

Just some few questions, this information is intended for developers right? But well, hoping the best for the steemit changes!! Thanks for sharing.

Useful information, we'll give it a try .. Thank You Sir

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