Powering Up! Almost to 500 SP.

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I had been holding out for awhile now due to possibly donating some Steem in hopes to win some contests. That and/or make purchases on the Homesteaders Coop. At the rate I'm going I think I got enough Steem coming that I could afford to power up.

I know 58 Steem isn't a lot to some of you but it is when you are at the bottom of the Steemit food chain. Thanks for yall's support. I'm almost there!

Special thanks to @davedickeyyall for his generous delegation putting me over the 500SP mark. So Dave when you read this if you want to take some Steem back you can. That Steem you delegated puts me at 542SP.

Now to get the hang of this slider...

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It makes good sense to power up instead of just letting steem sit in the wallet. Powering up takes advantage of the built in inflation and increases your voting returns. There is a multiplier effect that is hard to notice at 500 SP, but quite noticeable after you have evolved from minnow to dolphin at 5000 SP.


Thanks for your support @armadilloman! I've worked hard for a year and I still haven't made 500SP even when I bought some with the last little bit of Bitcoin that I had. At this rate it will be over a decade before I get to 5000SP . For now I'm just a fat little red fish.

Good going! Hoping to be one of the "10,000 Minnows" that's part of one of the current community growth initiatives going around... like you, I'm over 500SP courtesy of a gift delegation... and it all helps.


Put it to good use.. when you got 500 of your own I'll take it back


You know I sure will. Thanks again Dave!

You'll have fun with the voting slide ...

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