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The Hackathon is Completed and The Opening Party is Underway.

Tonight we went to dinner with @AaronKoenig, @HeidiTravels, @AnaHilarski, Toby Cunningham, @Knozaki2015, @RamenGirl the Japanese delegation and some of the Korean delegation. We went to a local Arab restaurant and had kebab, shwarma and falafel. It was outstanding and cheap! A whole meal was around 6 Euros.

Today at the hackathon we saw some great projects get presented and get underway. I look forward to seeing what they reveal on Friday and see who wins the 3000 in Steem prizes.

Tomorrow the event really gets started. So off to bed we go to prepare for the action.

Here is a Pic of @HeidiTravels, Toby Cunningham and Myself.


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It looks amazing I love all the pictures videos and updates from people at the event its almost like I am there but of course nothing could ever replace actually being there! Have a blast!

Ok. Have fun and brief us when you get back. Regard to your wife.

Would be great to have a summary/slides of the projects! thx.png

Thank you for sharing the journey with all of us who cannot be there.

I look forward to trying to make it next year.

It was nice to have the steemit update last night. I hope you like it too.

Are they announcing anything that we havent heard of? What are your thoughts on some of the rollouts they will have over the next 6 months.

Nice video sharing and i really love it. I wish yours have great fun and enjoy superbly. Have a blast with rock parties.
Then update us @hilarski.

to the expectation. when they leave on youtube. It will be the first time I see it. good video


Have fun and enjoy in hackathon. Be safe..

lovely and nice video indeed. I hopefully trust you`ll be nicely there. Any updates posting to steemians. Nice journey and enjoy with party.

there is the present fun and to enjoy the event

Wow excellent steemit event .
For your post propagation.

good information & great video.
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Beautiful contest! Thanks for sharing

Such a wonderful video by @hilarski
I think steemfest is unforgetable exeperience for you...your wife @anaHilarski

Thanks for great video sharing

Enjoy your meet sir. Nice pic.

Hi...@hilarski....have a superb fun...🎉🎉🎉🎊

It was nice to have the steemit update last night. I hope you like it too.
It look amazing @hilarski

Wow great friend ,very much excited to see and know everything about the event. I have already come to know about the hakathon competition from @quinnakar .I think you all are enjoying greatly with all the great people. Please don't forget to upload all the great movements, really I am very excited to know. Wish you a very very happy time my friend.

It was nice to have the steemit update last night. I hope you like it too.
Amazing photo @hilarski
Have a nice day....

Great post dr @hilarski.I like your post and following.

That would be a great news and 3000 STEEM of course it's a huge prize for the winner! Awaiting to hear your updates about the Fest too dude! Great video and a photography also!


Seems like you guys have a nice time at Lisbon. Enjoy well & nice video~

I'm waiting for the outcome of hackathon. 3000 is indeed a great reward. Thanks for sharing, i'm a fan of @HeidiTravels. Good to see you guys. Keep posting about Steemfest.

cryptocurrency is the best currency...i like crypto coine

SteemFest fun On ;) nice video with lots of fun.

~Followed & Upvoted

i like cryptocurrency..thanks for sharing

Congratulations @hilarski
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Wonderful video of Lisbon and useful updates about Steem fest...!!!

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Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good video of your fun at Steem Fest. God bless you & your wife also.


@hilarski - Oh Sir you looks enjoy well this Steem Fest.... Good thing Sir & it's good for your wife also.... nice video you shared again Sir... Awaiting to see more from you too....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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You enjoy steemfest , keep posting steemfest pics

nice video & enjoy well @hilarski


All steemians together having fun, thats great.

Wow thanx for the update about the event. We people at home really feel very happy when we get update from steemfest people. It really excites us.

Excitement is written all over your faces, @hilarski. Enjoy.

Hi @hilarski hows steemfest? im following you now. thanks.

It does looks fascinating and great .
Have a blast ;)

wow that's really cool nice pic :D

Nice post enjoy steemfest

it great to see you all about having fun arround with food and enjoy.