Russia Today News Now Posting Content On The Steem Blockchain.

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Last Week Russia Today Officially Began Posting On The Steem Blockchain!

This is a huge milestone for the Steem community as one of the worlds media companies has begun sharing its content on a cryptocurrency backed social media platform. View their Introduction post on Steemit.

Tweet By the Russia Today Official Account Acknowledging That They are Now Using the Steem Blockchain.

Overview Of Steemit On Similarweb.

Why The Rise Of The Steem Blockchain Is Important.

Over the next few years, I believe we are going to see more and more social media platforms built on top of blockchains like Steem. When we begin to see media companies like Russia Today joining the ranks of bloggers already using blockchain platforms, it is a sign that we are on the right track.

Recently we have watched highly centralized companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter restricting accounts, deleting accounts and shadow banning content that does not fit their agenda. This purge of alternative perspectives will cause a cascade of users to find alternative platforms where their voices can be heard.

Do I Think That The Steem Blockchain Is Perfect?

No, far from it. I do not agree with some aspects of the platform. I have been utilizing since July 2016 but recently began to use third-party apps to publish my content. These include for desktop and Partiko on mobile. I began to use these because of the Steemit website being so dated. I also abhor the ability to downvote other peoples content and remove their rewards. This one feature has caused more strife on the platform than any other feature.

If You are Interested in learning about Steem and using it, then visit my article, “The CryptoDailyUK Definitive Guide To Steemit - Social Media On The Blockchain.”

What Can We Expect For The Future Of Social Media On The Blockchain?

In 2019 and beyond you will see many more social media platforms built on a blockchain. Some will be difficult to use and will perish but others will flourish. The one great thing about content on the blockchain is that people are more careful about what they post. Do you know why? Content on a blockchain is like ancient petroglyphs it is chiseled in rock for all of eternity. This keeps users on their best behavior, most of the time.

See the Original Article on Our Website @CryptoDailyUK Russia Today News Now Posting Content On The Steem Blockchain.


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Thanks for the heads up post @hilarski about RT News. just resteemed their intro post to my followers.


RT on steemit! Huge! And also have natural news as well joined!

That's some serious people joining the team for sure.

Hang on. Bet more will come! We are just waiting for the 10,000th monkey.

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This is a really good news for the Steem blockchain.

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I saw intro post of RT and I think it's great espesially that I am also from Russia and follow this media since 2010. I'm glad that editorial office
decided to come to Steem blockchain. And I hope that soon other media sources will follow this example!

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Thank you for this valuable post. This may be a big milestone for steem.

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Almost as bad as Faux News. Why they attack Del Bigtree? RT just pushing the narrative.

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That is why the Steem blockchain is so good. It does not matter what our personal agenda is.


It still does matter because someone speaking truth that is disagreeable will still be blackholed. There are bots that act erroneously claiming plagiarism upon a person's own content. I fear that without a broader base of people this DPOS is not as decentralized as is claimed.

The rep number holds no meaning.

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You're both right and wrong. I have seen accounts flagged into the dust and rise again, repeatedly, despite ongoing enmity from a whale suffering from entitlement complex. It proved to me that it is practically impossible to be flagged into a black hole.

However, the recent censorship of accounts under the control of FTG is a mechanism that can blackhole accounts. While the spam FTG inflicted on the blockchain, UX's and bloggers was intolerable, the cure, IMHO, is far worse than the disease. The blockchain itself is not censored, however, and even though Steemit and Steempeak (and perhaps other UIs) do censor them, the actual information is stored on the blockchain.

Even if hostile censoring corporations or governments gain control of UIs and seek to suppress certain information, Steem will enable folks that want it to get it. This is a novel and remarkable feature of the blockchain, and it is also worth noting that Steem never claimed to be censorship proof, merely resistant.

Actual complete black holing can be done, but it would take a HF to do it. There would be some significant resistance from witnesses that could only be overcome with money (buy enough Steem, and like @pumpkin or @freedom, you can choose who the witnesses are).

This is exactly why Steem and DPOS is not as decentralized as people think it is. Absent changes, the trend presently is that decentralization is growing. Significant inflows of capital (for Steem) would be necessary to change that, or there are other mechanisms that could compromise individual witnesses or whales that would be less apparent while being undertaken. Nothing is guaranteed, after all, but Steem is remarkably censorship resistant relative to historical mechanisms, or present venues.

You're right about rep. Plenty of folks just bought it. I reckon that's why UA was created. While Steemit and other UIs presently use rep, there's nothing that says other UIs need to, and not use UA instead. I expect that soon there will be UIs that use UA instead of rep, and that will be a good thing.

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I went and tried Minds and MeWe, and nothing compares to here. Maybe one day there will be something better. For now though this place combined with GINAbot make it easy for me to find the content I want to read and the people I want to interact with very easy.

The flagging system is definitely not perfect, but I prefer it over the disgusting things Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have been doing at least. At least here I am not talking to myself when I post. Google was suppressing all of my liberty related content.

My friends there were just talking to ourselves even though the posts were public.

Heck, I cannot even talk freely on Facebook, or I risk jail or ban. It is easy for people like us to be banned there. I despise the place and look forward to it going the way of Myspace.

The reputation system does bother me a little, but I don't mind my slow growing reputation. All it really affects for me is being put lower down the list of replies, and I'll self vote to get past the bots and scammers as necessary.

Apparently the whales here have no interest in my expertise, but a few people like @hilarski, @canadian-coconut, and @grow-pro have helped me a ton to get started and grow.

Like I believe Hilarski said, this place is a bit of a popularity contest. If you're not popular with the "in crowd," your reputation won't shoot up real quickly without some serious bot abuse. :)

Good News... literally! Welcome @rt-international

it turns out that Russia has a good development in the world of blockchain steels

It's amazing news for Russian people.

Good to see that !!!
more such things like this will give more attention to steem blockchain

this is an interesting thing for the country in the development of steamer blokchain

Russia is one of the countries that really cares about stealth chain, of course Russia has a program that will develop in the following year

ich finde es auch gut das RT zu Steemit gekommen ist Daumen hoch

Steem will soon in the spotlight... Steem on!

I think it's good news if Russia starts using steem blockchain to posting content. It will make the steem platform more solid. I agree with you, friend. The disadvantage in steemit is that someone who has a large SP can downvote other people and makes their reputation and rewards fall. But in my opinion steemit is still the best at the moment because this platform is very anti-plagiarism and inappropriate words.

Day after day the crypto world is becoming great place. Steem is doing well. Stay tunned with steem it. ✌☺

Great news! Mainstream adoption is always nice.

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This is good for the steem blockchain and steemit because it help to spread the user base of steem to a larger and broader audiences , whereby bringing more people into the platform

wohoo finally something big is happening.
lets wait and see what they will bring to the platform and for all of us stemians.

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