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On November 12th, @AaronKoenig Hosted a Bitcoin Meetup for Us at Oak & Ice in Berlin, Germany.

We spent the evening discussing a wide range of Crypto Currency related topics.

  1. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.
  2. What is Steemit and How to Be Successful on the Platform.
  3. Personal Branding in Crypto and How Not to Be a Jerk Online.
  4. Social Media Management.
  5. ICO Promotion and Where Many Companies Fall Short.
  6. Women in Crypto.
  7. Tools to Use to Help Build Your Brand.

Enjoy the Great Photos of the Crypto Meetup by Anastasya Stolyarov @film-editor Follow Her as Well!

Some Steemians in attendence included-
@AnaHilarski , @JuanMiguelSalas, @Lichtblick, @AaaronKoenig, @Nacktepoesie,

For those that I missed please comment and I will add you.

The Dash Team Was Giving Away Free Dash at the Meetup!

Networking, Knowledge Dropping and of Course Beer.

Thank You Once Again for @AaronKoenig for Hosting Us and Oak & Ice for Giving Us a Fabulous Location to Use.

Make Sure to Follow the Photographer @film-editor!

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Hi @hilarski, You seem to be having a good laugh in the photos. I think the topics of this event are very much important for any person like me. Will there be any live streaming or recording?

Many thanks to these two guys:

Thank You Once Again for @AaronKoenig for Hosting Us and Oak & Ice for Giving Us a Fabulous Location to Use.
Make Sure to Follow the Photographer @film-editor!

Dash part is very interesting. I missed the free coins. :(

Great post.


Hi @ugetfunded - check for local Dash meet ups in your area. You may get some free Dash there. And if you can't find one, organise one :)

Dash supports many activities. You can find out more on the forum here https://www.dash.org/forum/ or in the Slack channel: https://dash-nation-invite.herokuapp.com/

Good luck,


Yup, Dash is doing big things in Crypto and they sure know how to spread the word.


Cool. Dear @hilarski, You did not answer the streaming part.


We don't do live streamings. We like the cosy atmosphere of a real life meetup.


Not now, but maybe in the future.

wow........ good day.

Hi Randy, as agreed, please add a photo credit for Anastasya Stolyarov a.k.a @film-editor and give her a share of the revenues this post generates.


Perfect, I did not know her account. ; )

This looks great! We need another Panama one!


Blockchain Embassy at Balboa Boutiques when we return!

A very important meeting. and there are many important issues that have been discussed.
It's very beautiful.......

100% like and resteem

Very important discussion and meeting.
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A great meeting @hilarski!!!

Wow!!! Superb steemit, bitcoin dash meetup photography. Its all of awesome. Specially both of hilarski`s awesome.
How about success from this meetup sir?
Your discussing related topics excellent ones. We will hope about crypto currency market after most successfully these meetup..
Happy weekend!!

seems like a pretty fun time with great discussion :)

Bitcoin top

Hey @hilarski sir...
Wow...wonderful day and very useful meetup...
I think meetups very good and important to steemit relationships...
Wel done and perfect work...
Thank to all participate this meetup..
Contratulation my dear friends...

Great news @hilarski, at this meeting, I see, you discussed all the issues of the Crypto-currency well and you can see from your photo that it was fun and at ease. Well done, we all need more of these meetings!

That looks like it was so much fun, would've loved to have been there myself also.

really looks good, people met together and discussion on several topic that mostly important.

Excellent meetup! Thanks for sharing. It's amazing that you get to travel and do stuff like this. Inspiring!

Looks like some cryptastic fun!!!

So your in Europe unit SteemFest then aye?

I will be heading that way soon! Looking forward to seeing you!

SteemOn to SteemFest!

Thanks for best information!!

thanks for sharing...
your post really inspires me to continue to work.
success continues for you.

Its cool...congratulations dear...i like it

Great meetup photo collections. Its nice in range with all of yours enjoy here with beer, vodka etc. However what is the successful topics you discussed? what activities take to develop crypto currency market? I`ll be wait.
Thank you sharing most important post @hilarski

Great Meet up ! thanks for sharing.

For your post propagation.

Wow excellent event of crypto currency market meeting . nice photography.
Thanks @hilarski
Have a Great day

Willkomme bei uns in Deutschland...... wünsch euch viel Spass hier......

Lots of smiles. Looks like a great group having fun.

have a good day.
great post.

Wow Such a nice gathering on important topics @hilarski keep it up

realy nice post.every photos so nice

Hiiiiii @hilarski, very lovely photography during meeting in Berlin for the promotion of cryptocurrency, everyone one was looking there excited. You look so happy and attractive alongwith them, I hope that's a useful and nice meet. Thanks for sharing that,..


It really was a beautiful time!

Thanks for sharing this great meeting @hilarski!!!


I think the crypt market through this discussion and the steem will rise above

wonderful meetup .....have a nice day

Its awesome to see everyone working for the spread and success of the community... Excellent points were touched.. and pictures were wonderful ...

amigo #resteemia at your service

fantastic moment & excellent meet up. nice work @hilarski

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What a beautiful couple! 💓


Thank you!

Hey Randy, it was great meeting you two! Thanks for joining us for dinner despite jetlag ;) See you in Lisbon!


WooHoo! Just a few more weeks.

Wow a nice steem post...

Meetups are always necessary :D in order to get good sleep ? Am i wrong ? for e.g if you dont talk to your bestfriend gf/bf you wont get good sleep :D thats the same way steemit friends are :)

its always best to meetup and discuss over steemit with a great cup of coffee

@hilarski - You had a nice meet up Sir... Lots of people was there.... I think it was a wonderful event Sir... Nice you decided to share those photography Sir.... Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Wow that would be an amazing meet up! I could see LOF there :D LOF = Lots of Fun! Perfect meeting with very useful topics! And great photography also there! Great work dude!


Great stuff man. Hope you enjoyed German beer too haha ;)

Really amazing!

Congratulations @hilarski

Wow great post, love the pictures of the greatest steemians, you all are very inspirational persons,please keep your great job up friend. Your better half looks very pretty. Thanks for the information. Good luck.

damn I missed this one.

DASH marketing is awesome I love so much this coin

Looks like that was a great meetup.

It must have been a great and enjoyable meeting with the locci of focus on bitcoin and steem and steemit, Wow that sounds amazing.

Steem on and stay blissful.

Wow the pictures are really mind blowing. I wish I was there and getting some free dash to start with. You are really a great crypto enthusiast here.

wow post and Crypto and they sure know how to spread the word.