Music Business - Top 25 Music Industry Influencers, Merlin Cashes out Spotify shares for members, Free Distribution & More!

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This is a review of some of the latest news happening in the Music Business world.

Top 25 Music Guys to Follow

Complex breaks down a list of the top 25 most influential people in the music industry, and you should know about all about them!!

I see a few heavyweights I know of in the list and a lot of people I don't know so I will be checking this out for sure.


LANDR launches artist-partner platform and free sample packs!

Landr gets in the sound-kit game and gives it away royalty-free on their newest platform! Not all the kits are free but they have some pretty cool free ones that I'll be checking out myself


SoundExchange releases the Music Data Exchange (MDEX)

This is interesting. From what I read, it seems that Soundexchange has created an Exchange just for sounds and data! This was supposed to be highly used after the MMA Bill passed. It acts just like a currency exchange but it exchanges data and sounds instead. It's supposed to increase transparency and relationships between labels when needing to exchange songs. I'm very curious to see where this goes.


Warner provides free distribution company (Level)

Warner wants in on finding the new talent. They finally realized that creating a platform of potential artists to recruit from would be a great idea. About time. I'm imagining this will be a roll-out they are going to test out in the market to see if it's worth it. For now, artists can head over to LEVEL and get free distribution! Take advantage of the times


Merlin cashes out 100% of their spotify shares and give 100% to the artists


I guess it pays to be indie and a part of Merlin!! Merlin is showing off their reputation by putting the spotify profits back in the hands that played the biggest part in creating it. There is no real definite answer as to how much, and when, but they've already stated that they will liquidate all the assets

Let me know what you think of the information! I'd love to talk Music Business and can talk about it all day.

1. Music Business - Facebook Signs Music Deal, MMA passed by House of Rep & More!

2. Music Business - Music Business (Instagram/Spotify Integration / YouTube Artist Channels, Update to Music Modernization Act)

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Beatufill . Niiice

By sharing, you are actually helping others who are interested in making a career in music. It is definitely good information even though I may not be in the music industry. I have been a regular supporter of your music posts with my little upvotes! May your music venture continue to be a great journey!

Thank you for all the support and kind words you share!

Dude this is super exciting news, I really appreciate you compiling those infos. every time i need an advise for my career, @heaterville is the man to talk to , always wise and a clear vision on where the industry is going!

I am resteem this, lots of important things!

Your previsous article about Facebook signing a music deal is as equally as important !

This might shape the future of our industry!

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