Has SteemIt Replaced Facebook? Don't Be Surprised When the Mask Falls Off!

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“He lends out money gratis and brings down the rate of usance here with us in Venice.”—Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice
Will blockchain technology have the same effect on business today, that the Merchant of Venice did in Act1 Scene3? If things become transparent and occur without charges from a middleman, it will naturally hurt similar businesses that charge.

Did your family own an Encyclopedia set of books? Google destroyed that industry. Did you start out paying for an email account? Gmail made that idea obsolete. There was a time, not very long ago when shopping days were spent in brick and mortar stores. Are you old enough to remember when calling a travel agency was the way to plan a family or business trip?

Is the travel industry up for another change? The internet created and destroyed jobs in that industry over the past decade. If travelers and people living in destinations could connect, there would be no need for Air BnB, VRBO, HomeAway and FlipKey. I am looking forward to the Winding Tree improving travel experiences.

It is mind-boggling to think of all the businesses that a blockchain system can improve upon or replace completely. It is difficult now to sift through the useless information on Facebook when I can find stimulating posts on SteemIt. It is an investment of time and energy to create a video, you tell me what the motivation to post on Youtube, say hello DTube. The few I list are the industries, that in my opinion, are long overdue for a change. Hopefully, charges to send money will become obsolete. I read somewhere about the way a transaction was easily completed and the money was delivered to her mother’s door in Mexico. If anyone has a link to that article or can give me instructions I can share with my friends from Dominica, their families will appreciate it.

Will Edgecoin make a difference in education? Somebody needs to. There are so many outdated systems that can be updated by simply applying blockchain technology. Imagine the student interest level rising as the teachers are able to share current information. I am not sure who I pity more; the students having to regurgitate unnecessary facts for testing or the teachers that have to cram the same information down students throats every year. Part of the blame for the education system wasting young minds is the book publishing industry. That is an antiquated system that should have been abolished with the internet, hopefully, blockchain will do the job and save our children’s backs and brains. Updating the education system will benefit more than just the students and teachers. A current education for this generation will benefit the future of the world.

In Shakespeare (or Bacon’s) work, the Merchant lends out money with no interest. Mortgage Broker’s working in the U.S. have set up too many hoops to jump through and charges, for an of average income person to get approved for a house loan. Throughout the world, landowners have experienced title thievery. Using blockchain can remedy these situations for the masses. I look forward to watching Madhive connect the businesses selling a product to the people searching for that very item or service. I sell Nordic Walking Poles, and I can’t wait to get started helping more people walk further and in better form while burning up to twice the calories.
How each person chooses to connect or chooses to not connect will have an impact on each person's brain. Lara Boyd from TEDX Vancouver says, ‘the brain is shaped by our actions and lack of, on a daily basis.’ Every night we are a little bit different because of what we did or did not do that day. Each human being on the planet is shaping their brain right now. And it goes without saying that the choices made today will shape the future. It is challenging to choose wisely in virgin territory, but the unknown ground is where unique opportunities can be unearthed.
I found the picture of the mask on the internet and know that where I search will change someday soon.

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"It is difficult now to sift through the useless information on Facebook when I can find stimulating posts on SteemIt."- this sums it up for me! I hate Facebook, they are horrible with how they treat small businesses, changing algorithms with no warnings or contracts, censoring ads unless they meet super strict criteria that make them useless as ads etc..