Strange ! I feel less and less enthusiastic about steemit

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After a few months here I feel less and less enthusiam on Steemit.

I don't know if you feel the same, but I have that deep impression that those who were here first are the only ones making it on this plateform.

I know, I have said a lot about patience and so on in my previous posts, but hey let's face it. Steemit is like the lottery, you must be damn lucky to win the jackpot. Instead of playing numbers you play with words here, and hope to get a few dollars for them.

Well guess am optimistic since am still here. So maybe 2018 will bring back my enthusiam for the steemit adventure and help me post more often.

Happy Everything to all steemians


I have felt the same way at times, but i can also see that consistent action over time will You'll results.

There is one somewhat unfortunate consequence of the way Steemit is designed, or perhaps the way people respond to it.
Most people here seem to think that this is a vote exchange system, and that it only applies to people you know. My impression is that people here will upvote their friends regardless of the quality of the article.

That is not what I would consider to be curation, but that seems to be how curation is executed here. Nepotism before quality.

Maybe I am wrong. I would very much like to be wrong on this point.

Yes you are so right ! I have seen so many quality posts ignored by the majority. We tend to forget that behind the keyboards there are human beings. Anyways ...
Happy 2018 to you. I wish you great success in whatever you undertake this year :)

It just takes a while. If you're here mainly for the money it may take longer. I like your photos and inspirational messages. Mix up the content and i think youll have better results. All the best to you in 2018!

Thanks for the advice @michaelevans Belle année 2018 :)

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